Venice 1989

Golden Lion: A City of Sadness by Hou Hsiao-hsien
Grand Special Jury Prize: And Then There Was Light (Et la lumière fut) by Otar Iosseliani
Silver Lion: Recollections of the Yellow House (Recordações da Casa Amarela) by João César Monteiro; Death of a Tea Master (Sen no Rikyu: Honkakubô ibun’)’ by Kei Kumai
Best Screenplay – Jules Feiffer (I Want to Go Home)
Best Cinematography – Giorgos Arvanitis (Australia)
Best Music – Claudio Mattone (Street Kids)
Best Actor – Massimo Troisi & Marcello Mastroianni (What Time Is It?)
Best Actress – Peggy Ashcroft & Geraldine James (She’s Been Away)
The President of the Italian Senate’s Gold Medal: Street Kids by Nanni Loy
Career Golden Lion: Robert Bresson


Crystal or Ash, Fire or Wind, as Long as It’s Love
Layla, My Reason
Love Me Not?
New Year’s Day
The Pitfall
Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself
Suddenly, One Day
Tamara Aleksandrovna’s Husband and Daughter
Twisted Obsession
The Woman from Rose Hill