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141ChildrenOfParadiseTOP TEN FILMS

  1. Children Of Paradise
  2. Leave Her To Heaven
  3. Mildred Pierce
  4. The True Glory
  5. Brief Encounter
  6. Open City
  7. Dead Of Night
  8. I Know Where I’m Going
  9. Madonna Of the Seven Moons
  10. Lady On A Train

ray milland & jane wyman - the lost weekend 1945BIL’S BEST ACTOR

Despite the fact that time hasn’t been kind to Billy Wilder’s early directorial triumph, Ray Milland‘s performance in The Lost Weekend still has a lot of kick to it. His idea of an alcoholic is histrionic to say the least, and the film has a twee attitude towards the subject that pales when you compare it to a more modern example like Leaving Las Vegas, but the actor still manages to make something watchable out of it.

Honour Roll: Trevor Howard, Brief Encounter

ChildrenOfParadiseBIL’S BEST ACTRESS

Marcel Carne created one of the most beautiful, poetic films of all time when he defied Nazi occupation and came up with the three hour long masterpiece Children Of Paradise. Headlining it ever so beautifully is the world-weary, gorgeously sarcastic Arletty as the woman who drives three men wild with desire. When she tells Jean-Louis Barrault that she believes her laugh is the only thing of value she has, you’re witnessing one of the finest moments of effortless acting in cinema.

Honour Roll: Ingrid Bergman, The Bells Of St. Mary’s; Joan Crawford,Mildred Pierce; Celia Johnson, Brief EncounterGene Tierney, Leave Her To Heaven


Dead Of Night is a terrific collection of scary stories put together by a number of directors; the best of them features a downright creepy Michael Redgrave as a ventriloquist whose dummy comes to take on a life of its own. Redgrave’s exceptional talents inject enough humour into the fearful proceedings to make it a downright chiller.

Honour Roll: Michael Chekhov, Spellbound; John Dall, The Corn is Green; Stanley Holloway, Brief Encounter

i-know-where-im-going-1945-007-roger-livesey-pamela-brown-wendy-hiller-cwr-knight-00m-ekcBIL’S BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS

Powell and Pressburger’s delightful romantic drama I Know Where I’m Going has plenty going for it: a strong lead performance by Wendy Hiller, gorgeously atmospheric photography of Scotland and, in a few spry scenes, the energy and hilarity of Pamela Brown as the free-spirited Catriona. Brown was Powell’s wife in real life and enjoyed an unappreciated career in supporting roles before her life was ended too soon by illness.

Honour Roll: Joyce Carey, Brief Encounter; Jeanne Crain, Leave Her To HeavenJudy Garland, Ziegfeld Follies; Joan Lorring, The Corn is Green

children-of-paradise-1945-large-pictureBIL’S BEST DIRECTOR

Marcel Carne, Children Of Paradise

Honour Roll: Robert Bresson, Les Dames Du Bois De Boulogne; Michael Curtiz, Mildred PierceJohn M. Stahl, Leave Her To Heaven

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