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Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

The Front Page (1974)

BILLY WILDER Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBB.5.  USA, 1974.  Universal Pictures.  Screenplay by Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond, based on the play by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur.  Cinematography by … Continue reading

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Bang The Drum Slowly (1973)

JOHN D. HANCOCK Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBB.5.  USA, 1973.  ANJS, Dibs Partnership, Paramount Pictures.  Screenplay by Mark Harris, based on his novel.  Cinematography by Richard Shore.  Produced by Lois Rosenfield, Maurice Rosenfield.  Music by Stephen … Continue reading

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The Hustler

BBBB.5 (out of 5) Paul Newman solidified his already established status with this perennial classic. Billiards became the hot game of the day after its release, a story about a pooltable … Continue reading

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Where’s Poppa?

B (out of 5) George Segal made a promise to his dying father that no matter what happened, he would not put his aging mother (Ruth Gordon) in a nursing home. … Continue reading

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Little Shop Of Horrors

BBBB (out of 5) The tremendously popular Broadway musical, based on the Roger Corman horror film of the same name, reaches the screen with fantastic results. Rick Moranis is heroically geeky … Continue reading

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The House On 92nd Street (1945)

HENRY HATHAWAY Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BB.5.  USA, 1945. Twentieth Century Fox. Story by Charles G. Booth, Screenplay by Barre Lyndon, Charles G. Booth, John Monks Jr.. Cinematography by Norbert Brodine. Produced … Continue reading

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Moonstruck (1987)

NORMAN JEWISON Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB.  USA, 1987.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Star Partners.  Screenplay by John Patrick Shanley.  Cinematography by David Watkin.  Produced by Norman Jewison, Patrick J. Palmer.  Music by Dick Hyman.  Production Design by Philip Rosenberg.  Costume … Continue reading

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Heaven Can Wait (1978)

BBBB (out of 5) Lightweight romantic comedy stars Warren Beatty (who also co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced with Buck Henry) as a football hero who dies young and is told by the … Continue reading

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Murder Inc.

BBBB (out of 5) Peter Falk made a name for himself, deservedly, in this excellent crime drama that plays out in an almost documentary-like fashion. Stuart Whitman is trying to stay … Continue reading

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