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Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

The True Glory (1945)

GARSON KANIN Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB.  United Kingdom/USA, 1945.  Ministry of Information, U.S. Office of War Information.  Screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky.  Music by William Alwyn.  Production Design by Roger K. Furse.  Film Editing … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever

B (out of 5) The good old horror-in-the-woods genre is flayed once again in this tired film. A group of college students, perky life-raft-breasted supermodels and fashion-ad pretty boys, celebrate … Continue reading

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The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp (1943)

MICHAEL POWELL, EMERIC PRESSBURGER Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB.  United Kingdom, 1943.  Independent Producers, The Archers.  Screenplay by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger.  Cinematography by Georges Perinal.  Produced by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger.  Music by Allan Gray.  Production … Continue reading

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BBBB (out of 5) Embeth Davidtz and Alessandro Nivola meet in her art gallery and after two weeks are married and visiting his home state of North Carolina. She needs to see … Continue reading

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The Ghost Writer

BBBB.5 (out of 5) Roman Polanski’s scintillating thriller is the perfect example of his command of atmosphere. Ewan McGregor plays a writer whose career has mainly been spent ghosting the … Continue reading

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BB.5 (out of 5) Dougray Scott plays a British code breaker during World War II who, after completing his assignment deciphering the messages of the German encryption device Enigma years … Continue reading

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