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Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

Starting Over (1979)

ALAN J. PAKULA Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBB.5.  USA, 1979.  Paramount Pictures.  Screenplay by James L. Brooks, based on the novel by Dan Wakefield.  Cinematography by Sven Nykvist.  Produced by James L. Brooks, … Continue reading

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Six Degrees Of Separation

BBBB (out of 5) John Guare adapts his excellent play to the big screen with exceptional results. A New York society couple (Donald Sutherland, Stockard Channing) are entertaining a foreign … Continue reading

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Ordinary People

BBBB.5 (out of 5) Casting against type is what’s best about this family drama, one of the first to start the 80s trend of sober films where people talk about … Continue reading

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BBBBB (out of 5) One of the funniest comedies you’ll ever see, this one also features one of Dustin Hoffman‘s best performances. He’s a riot as a struggling actor who … Continue reading

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Missing (1982)

COSTA-GAVRAS Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB.  USA, 1982.  Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Universal Pictures.  Screenplay by Costa-Gavras, Donald Stewart, based on the book by Thomas Hauser.  Cinematography by Ricardo Aronovich.  Produced by Edward Lewis, … Continue reading

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The Hudsucker Proxy

BBB (out of 5) Stylish and witty film by the Coen brothers that pays tribute to the Frank Capra/Preston Sturges comedies of yesteryear. When Hudsucker Industries loses its president (Charles … Continue reading

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June 24, 2013 · Leave a comment

Zelig (1983)

WOODY ALLEN Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB.  USA, 1983.  Jack Rollins & Charles H. Joffe Productions, Orion Pictures.   Screenplay by Woody Allen.   Cinematography by Gordon Willis.  Produced by Robert Greenhut.  Music by Dick Hyman.  Production … Continue reading

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