Paul Groesse

Born:  February 28, 1906, Hungary

Died:  May 4, 1987, Woodland Hills, California


1937:  The Firefly, Mannequin

1938:  Three Comrades, The Great Waltz, The Shining Hour

1939:  It’s A Wonderful World, Lady Of the Tropics

1940:  I Take This Woman, Pride And Prejudice, Third Finger Left Hand

1941:  Love Crazy, Billy The Kid, The Feminine Touch, Shadow of the Thin Man

1942:  Joe Smith American, Tortilla Flat, Seven Sweethearts

1943:  The Human Comedy, Lassie Come Home, Madame Curie

1944:  Two Girls And a Sailor, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

1945:  The Valley Of Decision

1946:  The Yearling

1947:  The Sea Of Grass

1948:  A Date With Judy, Luxury Liner

1949:  Little Women, The Stratton Story

1950:  Annie Get Your Gun, The Big Hangover, King Solomon’s Mines

1951:  Grounds For Marriage, Mr. Imperium, No Questions Asked, Too Young To Kiss

1952:  The Merry Widow

1953:  Lili, Give A Girl A Break

1954:  Rhapsody, Men Of The Fighting Lady, Athena

1955:  Hit The Deck

1956:  Tribute To A Bad Man, The Catered Affair

1957:  Spring Reunion, This Could Be the Night, Until They Sail

1958:  The Brothers Karamazov, Handle With Care

1959:  The World The Flesh And The Devil, The Wreck of the Mary Deare, The Gazebo

1962:  The Music Man, Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man

1963:  Bye Bye BirdieTwilight Of Honor

1964:  Honeymoon Hotel

1965:  Once A Thief

1966:  Assault On A Queen, Mister Buddwing

1967:  In The Heat of the Night


Academy Awards:   Best Art Direction-BW, Pride and Prejudice (1940); Best Art Direction-Colour, The Yearling (1946); Little Women (1949)
Nominations:  Best Art Direction-BW, Madame Curie (1943); Best Art Direction-Colour, Annie Get Your Gun (1950); Best Art Direction-BW, Too Young To Kiss (1951); Best Art Direction-Colour, The Merry Widow (1952); Lili (1953); The Music Man (1962); Best Art Direction-BW, Twilight of Honour (1963); Mister Buddwing (1966)