Cedric Gibbons

Born:  March 23, 1893, Dublin, Ireland

Died:  July 26, 1960, Hollywood, California


1913:  What 80 Million Women Want

1918:  The Unwritten Code

1920:  Earthquake, Madame X

1921:  A Tale Of Two Worlds, An Unwilling Hero, Made In Heaven, The Ace of Hearts, Beating The Game, The Invisible Power, What Ho the Cook

1922:  Come On Over, Yellow Men and Gold, Remembrance, Hungry Hearts, A Blind Bargain

1923:  Gimme, Look Your Best, Broadway Gold, The Day Of Faith, Jazzmania, Souls For Sale

1924:  His Hour, Circe The Enchantress, So This Is Marriage, The Wife of the Centaur, Greed, The Dixie Handicap, Wild Oranges, Three Weeks, He Who Gets Slapped, The Snob

1925:  Excuse Me, Cheaper To Marry, The Great Divide, The Denial, The Way of A Girl, Confessions of a Queen, Man and Maid, The Sporting Venus, Pretty Ladies, A Slave Of Fashion, Fine Clothes, The Mystic, Exchange of Wives, Bright Lights, The Masked Bride, Lights of Old Broadway, His Secretary, Sally Irene and Mary, Lady of the Night, Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting, The Unholy Three, The Merry Widow, The Circle, The Tower of Lies, The Big Parade, The Only Thing, Soul Mates, Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ, Proud Flesh, Pretty Ladies

1926:  Memory Lane, Monte Carlo, Exquisite Sinner, Beverly Of Graustark, Money Talks, The Road To Mandalay, The Waning Sex, Upstage, The Blackbird, Torrent, The Devil’s Circus, La Boheme, Brown of Harvard, The Boob, Paris, Lovey Mary, The Scarlet Letter, The Boy Friend, The Gay Deceiver, Blarney, Bardelys The Magnificent, The Temptress, Exit Smiling, The Flaming Forest, There You Are, Valencia, The Fire Brigade, Tell It To The Marines, Flesh and the Devil

1927:  The Demi-Bride, Heaven on Earth, Frisco Sally Levy, Lovers, Annie Laurie, Tillie the Toiler, On Ze Boulevard, Adam and Evil, Mockery, After Midnight, Foreign Devils, The Road To romance, The Fair Co-Ed, Quality Street, Man Woman and Sin, In Old Kentucky, A Little Journey, Altars of Desire, the Show, The Red Mill, The Taxi Dancer, Women Love Diamonds, The Understanding Heart, Slide Kelly Slide, Mr. Wu, Rookies, Captain Salvation, The Unknown, The Callahans and the Murphys, Twelve Miles Out, Becky,  The Bugle Call, The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, Body and Soul, Spring Fever, Tea For Three, Love, London after Midnight, The Enemy, The Lovelorn, Buttons

1928:  Baby Mine, The Divine Woman, Wickedness Preferred, The Latest From Paris, The Patsy, The Actress, A Certain Young Man, Forbidden Hours, The Cossacks, Telling The World, Beau Broadway, Excess Baggage, While the City Sleeps, Brotherly Love, The Mask of the Devil, Dream of Love, A Lady of Chance, A Woman Of Affairs, Honeymoon, Rose-Marie, The Crowd, The Smart Set, Bringing Up Father, The Trail of ’98, Circus Rookies, Across The Singapore, Laugh Clown Laugh, The Mysterious Lady, The Cardboard Lover, Our Dancing Daughters, The Wind, Show People, Alias Jimmy Valentine, West of Zanzibar

1929:  The Flying Fleet, The Bellamy Trial, The Broadway Melody, All At Sea, Wild Orchids, Desert Nights, The Duke Steps Out, Spite Marriage, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, The Trial of Mary Dugan, The Voice of the City, The Pagan, Where East Is East, China Bound, A Man’s Man, The Idle Rich, The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Thunder, Wonder of Women, The Single Standard, Madame X, Hallelujah, Marianne, The Girl In The Show, Our Modern Maidens, Speedway, The Unholy Night, The Mysterious Island, Wise Girls, His Glorious Night, The Thirteenth Chair, So This Is College, The Kiss, Untamed, It’s A Great Life, Navy Blues, Dynamite, Devil-May-Care, Their Own Desire, The Bishop Murder Case, Marianne, A Single Man, Tide of Empire, The Hollywood Revue of 1929

1930:  Anna Christie, The Woman Racket, They Learned About Women, The Ship From Shanghai, Not So Dumb, Lord Byron Of Broadway, A Lady To Love, The Girl Said No, Montana Moon, Free and Easy, Redemption, This Mad World, The Divorcee, Children of Pleasure, Strictly Unconventional, The Rogue Song, Caught Short, In Gay Madrid, Die Sehnsucht Jeder Frau, The Lady of Scandal, The Florodora Girl, The Big House, The Sins of the Children, The Unholy Three, The Sea Bat, Estrellados, Let Us Be Gay, Our Blushing Brides, Way Out West, Call Of The Flesh, Romance, Good News, Doughboys, Love In The Rough, Madam Satan, Men Of The North, Olimpia, Those Three French Girls, Billy The Kid, War Nurse, Olympia, Wu Li Chang, Way For A Sailor, Si L’Empereur Savait Ca, A Lady’s Morals, El Presidio, Remote Control, Min and Bill, Sevilla de Mis Amores, Passion Flower, De Frente Marchen, Monsieur Le Fox, Anna Christie, New Moon, Paid, Madam Satan

1931:  Reducing, The Bachelor Father, Le Pere Celibataire, The Great Meadow, Inspiration, Mordprezess Mary Dugan, The Easiest Way, Dance Fools Dance, Parlor Bedroom and Bath, Gentleman’s Fate, La Fruta Amarga, Men Call It Love, En Cada Puerto Un Amor, La Mujer X, A Tailor Made Man, Strangers May Kiss, Stepping Out, It’s A Wise Child, The Secret 6, Shipmates, Su Ultima Noche, Daybreak, Never The Twain Shall Meet, Big House, Laughing Sinners, Cheri-Bibi, A Free Soul, Just A Gigolo, Five and Ten, Menschen Hinter Gittern, El Proceso de Mary Dugan, The Man In Possession, The Great Lover, Politics, Son of India, Guilty Hands, This Modern Age, The Phantom of Paris, Sidewalks of New York, New Adventures of Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford, Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise), The Sin of Madelon Claudet, Hell Divers, The Guardsman, The Champ, Flying High, Possessed, West of Broadway, The Cuban Love Song, Private Lives, Mata Hari, Wir Schalten Um Auf Hollywood, Pardon Us

1932:  Emma, Lovers Courageous, The Passionate Plumber, Freaks, The Beast of the City, Polly of the Circus, Arsene Lupin, The Wet Parade, Are You Listening, Tarzan The Ape Man, But the Flesh Is Weak, Grand Hotel, Night Court, When A Feller Needs A Friend, Letty Lynton, Huddle, As You Desire Me, New Morals For Old, Red-Headed Woman, Unashamed, The Washington Masquerade, Strange Interlude, Skyscraper Souls, Downstairs, Speak Easily, Divorce In The Family, Blondie of the Follies, Smilin’ Through, Kongo, Faithless, Red Dust, Payment Deferred, The Mask of Fu Manchu, Prosperity, Flesh, Fast Life, The Son-Daughter, Rasputin and the Empress

1933:  Whistling In The Dark, The Secret of Madame Blanche, What-No Beer, Men Must Fight, Clear All Wires, Today We Live, Fast Workers, The White Sister, Gabriel Over The White House, Hell Below, Looking forward, Reunion In Vienna, The Barbarian , Peg O’My Heart, Made on Broadway, The Nuisance, When Ladies Meet, Night Flight, Christopher Bean

1934:  Men In White, Manhattan Melodrama, Sadie McKee, The Thin Man, Operator 13, Murder In The Private Car, Stamboul Quest, Paris Interlude, The Girl From Missouri, Straight Is The Way, Treasure Island, Hide-Out, Chained, Have a Heart, The Barretts Of Wimpole Street, Death on the Diamond, Outcast Lady, Student Tour, The Merry Widow, What Every Woman Knows, Evelyn Prentice, The Painted Veil, A Wicked Woman, The Gay Bride, The Band Plays On, Forsaking All Others

1935:  Biography of a Bachelor Girl, The Night Is Young, David Copperfield, Society Doctor, The Winning Ticket, Shadow of Doubt, After Office Hours, Vanessa Her Love Story, Times Square Lady, Naughty Marietta, The Casino Murder Case, West Point of the Air, Baby Face Harrington, Reckless, Mark of the Vampire, Age of Indiscretion, Public Hero Number 1, The Flame Within, Murder In The Fleet, No More Ladies, Calm Yourself, Escapade, The Murder Man, Mad Love, Woman Wanted, China Seas, Broadway Melody of 1936, Here Comes the Band, Anna Karenina, The Bishop Misbehaves, O’Shaughnessy’s Boy, I Live My Life, Rendezvous, A Night At The Opera, Mutiny On The Bounty, The Perfect Gentleman, Whipsaw, Kind Lady, Ah Wilderness, A Tale of Two Cities, Last of the Pagans

1936:  The Garden Murder Case, Riffraff, Three Live Ghosts, Tough Guy, Rose-Marie, The Voie of Bugle Ann, Wife Vs. Secretary, Three Godfathers, Petticoat Fever, The Great Ziegfeld, Moonlight Murder, The Unguarded Hour, Small Town Girl, Absolute Quiet, Speed, The 3 Wise Guys, Trouble For Two, Fury, Suzy, San Francisco, The Devil-Doll, His Brother’s Wife, Piccadilly Jim, Romeo and Juliet, The Gorgeous Hussy, The Devil Is A Sissy, Old Hutch, The Longest Night, Libeled Lady, An American Chump, Mad Holiday, Love On The Run, Born To Dance, Camille, Sinner Take All, After the Thin Man

1937:  Under Cover Of Night, Dangerous Number, The Good Earth, Man of the People, Mama Steps Out, The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Espionage, A Family Affair, Personal Property, Maytime, Song of the City, Night Must Fall, They Gave Him a Gun, The Thirteenth Chair, Captains Courageous, Parnell, A Day At the Races, Married Before Breakfast, The Emperor’s Candlesticks, Between Two Women, Saratoga, London By Night, Broadway Melody of 1938, Bad Guy, The Firefly, Big City, The Women Men Marry, My Dear Miss Aldrich, Madame X, The Bride Wore Red, Double Wedding, Conquest, Live Love and Learn, The Last Gangster, Navy Blue and Gold, Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry, Beg Borrow and Steal, You’re Only Young Once, Mannequin, Rosalie, The Bad Man of Brimstone

1938:  Man-Proof, Love is A Headache, Everybody Sing, Of Human Hearts, Paradise For Three, Arsene Lupin Returns, The First Hundred Years, The Girl of the Golden West, Judge Hardy’s Children, Test Pilot, Hold That Kiss, Yellow Jack, Three Comrades, The Toy Wife, Lord Jeff, Woman Against Woman, Port of Seven Seas, Fast Company, Marie Antoinette, The Shopworn Angel, Love Finds Andy Hardy, The Chaser, The Crowd Roars, Rich Man Poor Girl, Three Loves Has Nancy, Boys Town, Too Hot To Handle, Vacation From Love, Stablemates, Young Dr. Kildare, Listen Darling, The Great Waltz, Spring Madness, The Shining Hour, Out West With the Hardys, Dramatic School, A Christmas Carol, Sweethearts, The Girl Downstairs

1939:  Stand Up And Fight, Burn ‘Em Up O’Connor, Idiot’s Delight, Four Girls In White, Honolulu, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Fast and Loose, Let Freedom Ring, The Ice Follies Of 1939, Within The Law, Society Lawyer, Sergeant Madden, Broadway Serenade, The Kid From Texas, The Hardys Ride High, Calling Dr. Kildare, Lucky Night, Tell No Tales, It’s A Wonderful World, Bridal Suite, 6000 Enemies, Tarzan Finds A Son, Maisie, Stronger Than Desire, On Borrowed Time, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, The Wizard of Oz, Miracles For Sale, Lady of the Tropics, These Glamour Girls, The Women, Blackmail, Thunder Afloat, Babes In Arms, Judge Hardy and Son, Dancing Co-Ed, Fast and Furious, At The Circus, Bad Little Angel, Ninotchka, Another Thin Man, The Secret of Dr. Kildare, Joe and Ethel Turp Call On The President, Henry Goes Arizona, Nick Carter Master Detective, Remember, Balalaika

1940:  The Earl Of Chicago, The Shop Around The Corner, Congo Maisie, I Take This Woman, Broadway Melody of 1940, Young Tom Edison, The Man From Dakota, Northwest Passage, Strange Cargo, The Ghost Comes Home, And One Was Beautiful, Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case, Forty Little Mothers, Two Girls On Broadway, 20 Mule Team, Edison The Man, Waterloo Bridge, Florian, Susan and God, Phantom Raiders, The Mortal Storm, The Captain Is A Lady, New Moon, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, Sporting Blood, We Who Are Young, Pride and Prejudice, Gold Rush Maisie, I Love You Again, The Golden Fleecing, Boom Town, Dr. Kildare Goes Home, Wyoming, Strike Up The Band, Sky Murder, Dulcy, Third Finger Left Hand, Escape, Bitter Sweet, Gallant Sons, Little Nellie Kelly, Dr. Kildare’s Crisis, The Philadelphia Story, Go West, Comrade X, Flight Command, Keeping Company

1941:  Maisie Was A Lady, The Wild Man of Borneo, Come Live With Me, Blonde Inspiration, The Trial of Mary Dugan, Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary, Free and Easy, Rage In Heaven, The Penalty, The Bad Man, Barnacle Bill, Men of Boys Town, Washington Melodrama, Ziegfeld Girl, The People Vs. Dr. Kildare, A Woman’s Face, I’ll Wait For You, Love Crazy, Billy The Kid, The Getaway, The Big Store, Blossoms In The Dust, They Met In Bombay, Ringside Maisie, Whistling In The Dark, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Life Begins For Andy Hardy, Dr. Kildare’s Wedding Day, When Ladies Meet, Down In San Diego, Lady Be Good, Honky Tonk, Married Bachelor, The Feminine Touch, The Chocolate Soldier, Smilin’ Through, Shadow of the Thin Man, Unholy Partners, Two-Faced Woman, Tarzan’s Secret Treasure, H.M. Pulham Esq., Johnny Eager, Kathleen, Design for Scandal, Babes on Broadway

1942:  The Bugle Sounds, Nazi Agent, The Vanishing Virginian, Mr. And Mrs. North, A Yank on the Burma Road, Dr. Kildare’s Victory, Woman of the Year, Born To Sing, We Were Dancing, Joe Smith American, This Time For Keeps, The Courtship of Andy Hardy, Ship Ahoy, Kid Glove Killer, Fingers At the Window, Rio Rita, Mokey, Sunday Punch, Tortilla Flat, Pacific Rendezvous, Grand Central Murder, Tarzan’s New York Adventure, Mrs. Miniver, The Affairs of Martha, Maisie Gets Her Man, Jackass Mail, I Married An Angel, Calling Dr. Gillespie, Her Cardboard Lover, Crossroads, Pierre of the Plains, Cairo, Somewhere I’ll Find You, Tish, The War Against Mrs. Hadley, The Omaha Trail, Panama Hattie, A Yank At Eton, Apache Trail, Eyes In the Night, For Me And My Gal, Northwest Rangers, Seven Sweethearts, Dr. Gillespie’s New Assistant, White Cargo, Random Harvest, Journey For Margaret, Reunion In France, Whistling in Dixie, Tennessee Johnson, Stand By For Action, Keeper of the Flame, Andy Hardy’s Double Life

1943:  The Youngest Profession, The Human Comedy, Assignment In Brittany, Cabin In The Sky, Harrigan’s Kid, Slightly Dangerous, Air Raid Wardens, Presenting Lily Mars, A Stranger In Town, Dr. Gillespie’s Criminal Case, Three Hearts For Julia, Du Barry Was A Lady, Above Suspicion, Bataan, Pilot #5, Best Foot Forward, Young Ideas, Salute To The Marines, The Man From Down Under, Swing Shift Maisie, Thousands Cheer, I Dood It, Lassie Come Home, Swing Fever, The Cross of Lorraine, Cry ‘Havoc’, Girl Crazy, Madame Curie, Lost Angel, A Guy Named Joe, Whistling In Brooklyn

1944:  Song of Russia, See Here Private Hargrove, The Heavenly Body, Rationing, Broadway Rhythm, Two Girls And A Sailor, Gaslight, Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble, The White Cliffs of Dover, 3 Men In White, Meet The People, Bathing Beauty, The Canterville Ghost, Dragon Seed, The Seventh Cross, Maisie Goes to Reno, Kismet, Marriage Is A Private Affair, Barbary Coast Gent, An American Romance, Mrs. Parkington, Lost In A Harem, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, The Thin Man Goes Home, Meet Me In St. Louis, Blonde Fever, Nothing But Trouble, National Velvet, Music For Millions, Gentle Annie

1945:  This Man’s Navy, Main Street After Dark, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Keep Your Powder Dry, Without Love, The Clock, Between Two Women, Son of Lassie, The Valley of Decision, Thrill of a Romance, Twice Blessed, Dangerous Partners, Bewitched, Anchors Aweigh, Ziegfeld Follies, The Hidden Eye, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Her Highness and the bellboy, Week-End at the Waldorf, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello In Hollywood, She Went To The Races, Yolanda and the Thief, What Next Corporal Hargrove, They Were Expendable, The Sailor Takes A Wife, Adventure

1946:  The Harvey Girls, Up Goes Maisie, A Letter For Evie, The Hoodlum Saint, The Green Years, Two Sisters From Boston, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Bad Bascomb, Two Smart People, Little Mister Jim, Easy To Wed, Boys’ Ranch, Courage of Lassie, Holiday In Mexico, Faithful In My Fashion, Three Wise Fools, No Leave No Love, The Cockeyed Miracle, Undercurrent, Till The Clouds Roll By, Gallant Bess, The Yearling, Lady in the Lake, The Secret Heart, Love Laughs At Andy Hardy, The Show-Off, The Great Morgan

1947:  The Mighty McGurk, The Sea of Grass, My Brother Talks To Horses, The Arnelo Affair, The Beginning or the End, Undercover Maisie, It Happened In Brooklyn, High Barbaree, Living In A Big Way, Fiesta, Dark Delusion, The Romance of Rosy Ridge, The Hucksters, Song of the Thin Man, Cynthia, The Unfinished Dance, Song of Love, Merton of the Movies, Green Dolphin Street, This Time For Keeps, Desire Me, Cass Timberlane, Good News, High Wall, Killer McCoy, If Winter Comes

1948:  Alias A Gentleman, Three Daring Daughters, Tenth Avenue Angel, Summer Holiday, The Bride Goes Wild, B.F.’s Daughter, Big City, State of the Union, Homecoming, On An Island With You, The Pirate, Easter Parade, A Date With Judy, A Southern Yankee, Julia Misbehaves, Luxury Liner, The Three Musketeers, The Kissing Bandit, Hills of Home, Words and Music, Act of Violence, Command Decision

1949:  The Sun Comes Up, The Bribe, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Little Women, Big Jack, The Stratton Story, The Secret Garden, The Barkleys of Broadway, Neptune’s Daughter, The Great Sinner, Any Number Can Play, Scene of the Crime, In The Good Old Summertime, Madame Bovary, The Red Danube, That Midnight Kiss, The Doctor and the Girl, Intruder In The Dust, Border Incident, Challenge To Lassie, That Forsyte Woman, Battleground, Adam’s Rib, Tension, On The Town, East Side West Side, Malaya

1950:  Ambush, Key To The City, The Outriders, Stars In My Crown, Nancy Goes To Rio, Black Hand, Side Street, The Yellow Cab Man, The Reformer and the Redhead, The Asphalt Jungle, Please Believe Me, Annie Get Your Gun, Father of the Bride, Shadow on the Wall, The Big Hangover, Mystery Street, The Skipper Surprised His Wife, The Next Voice You Hear, Crisis, The Happy Years, Three Little Words, Duchess of Idaho, A Lady Without Passport, Devil’s Doorway, The Toast of New Orleans, Summer Stock, A Life of Her Own, Right Cross, To Please A Lady, Dial 1119, King Solomon’s Mines, Two Weeks With Love, Kim, Mrs. O’Malley and Mr. Malone, Watch The Birdie, The Magnificent Yankee, Pagan Love Song

1951:  Grounds For Marriage, Cause For Alarm, Vengeance Valley, Three Guys Named Mike, Mr. Imperium, Inside Straight, Royal Wedding, Soldiers Three, Father’s Little Dividend, The Painted Hills, Go For Broke!, The Great Caruso, Night Into Morning, No Questions Asked, Kind Lady, Excuse My Dust, Strictly Dishonorable, Rich Young and Pretty, Show Boat, The Law and the Lady, The Tall Target, An American In Paris, The Strip, The People Against O’Hara, Angels In The Outfield, The Red Badge of Courage, Texas Carnival, Bannerline, Across The Wide Missouri, Quo Vadis, The Unknown Man, Callaway Went Thataway, It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology, Too Young To Kiss, The Man With A Cloak, The Light Touch, Westward the Women

1952:  The Wild North, Invitation, Lone Star, The Belle of New York, Love Is Better Than Ever, Just This Once, Shadow In The Sky, Singin’ In The Rain, Talk About A Stranger, Carbine Williams, Young Man With Ideas, Scaramouche, When In Rome, The Girl In White, Skirts Ahoy, Lovely To Look At, The Sellout, Pat and Mike, Glory Alley, You For Me, Holiday For Sinners, Fearless Fagan, The Merry Widow, My Man and I, Because You’re Mine, Apache War Smoke, Everything I Have Is Yours, The Prisoner of Zenda, Plymouth Adventure, Desperate Search, Million Dollar Mermaid, Sky Full of Moon, The Bad and the Beautiful, Above and Beyond

1953:  The Clown, The Naked Spur, Rogue’s March, The Story of Three Loves, Battle Circus, Lili, Confidentially Connie, I Love Melvin, The Girl Who Had Everything, Jeopardy, Small Town Girl, Bright Road, Sombrero, Code Two, Julius Caesar, Cry of the Hunted, Remains To Be Seen, Scandal At Scourie, Young Bess, Fast Company, Dream Wife, A Slight Case of Larceny, Dangerous When Wet, Arena, The Band Wagon, Ride Vaquero, Latin Lovers, The Affairs of Dobie Gillis, Big Leaguer, Half A Hero, Take The High Ground, The Actress, Torch Song, Kiss Me Kate, Give A Girl A Break, All The Brothers Were Valiant, Easy To Love, Escape From Fort Bravo

1954:  The Great Diamond Robbery, The Long Long Trailer, Executive Suite, Tennessee Champ, Rose Marie, Gypsy Colt, Rhapsody, Prisoner of War, Men of the Fighting Lady, The Student Prince, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Valley of the Kings, Her Twelve Men, Brigadoon, Rogue Cop, Athena, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Deep In My Heart, Green Fire

1955:  Bad Day At Black Rock, Many Rivers To Cross, Jupiter’s Darling, Hit The Deck, The Prodigal, Blackboard Jungle, The Glass Slipper, Interrupted Melody, The Marauders, Love Me Or Leave Me, The Cobweb, Moonfleet, The Scarlet Coat, The King’s Thief, It’s Always Fair Weather, Trial, The Tender Trap, I’ll Cry Tomorrow, Kismet, It’s A Dog’s Life

1956:  Diane, Ransom, Meet Me In Las Vegas, Forbidden Planet, Tribute To A Bad Man, The Swan, The Last Hunt, Gaby, Invitation To The Dance, The Catered Affair, The Fastest Gun Alive, Somebody Up There Likes Me, High Society, These Wilder Years, Lust for Life, The Opposite Sex, The Rack


Academy Awards:  Best Art Direction, The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929/30); The Merry Widow (1934); Best Art Direction-BW, Pride and Prejudice (1940), Best Art Direction-Color, Blossoms In The Dust (1941); Best Art Direction-BW, Gaslight (1944); Best Art Direction-Color, The Yearling (1946); Little Women (1949); An American In Paris (1951); Best Art Direction-BW, The Bad and the Beautiful (1952); Julius Caesar (1953); Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)
Nominations:  Best Art Direction, When Ladies Meet (1932/33), Romeo and Juliet (1936), The Great Ziegfeld (1936), Conquest (1937), Marie Antoinette (1938), The Wizard of Oz (1939), Best Art Direction-Color, Bitter Sweet (1940); Best Art Direction-BW, When Ladies Meet (1941); Random Harvest (1942); Madame Curie (1943); Best Art Direction-Color, Thousands Cheer (1943); Kismet (1944); National Velvet (1945); Best Art Direction-BW, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945); Madame Bovary (1949); The Red Danube (1950); Best Art Direction-Color, Annie Get Your Gun (1950); Quo Vadis (1951); Best Art Direction-BW, Too Young To Kiss (1951); Best Art Direction-Color, The Merry Widow (1952); Young Bess (1953); The Story of Three Loves (1953); Lili (1953); Brigadoon (1954); Best Art Direction-BW, Executive Suite (1954); I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955); Blackboard Jungle (1955); Best Art Direction-Color, Lust for Life (1956); Best Art Direction-BW, Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)


Photo by Kansas Sebastian