New York Film Critics 2001

Best Film:
Mulholland Dr.
Runners-up: Gosford Park and In the Bedroom

Best Actor:
Tom Wilkinson – In the Bedroom
Runners-up: Jim Broadbent – Iris and Denzel Washington – Training Day

Best Actress:
Sissy Spacek – In the Bedroom
Runners-up: Naomi Watts – Mulholland Dr. and Tilda Swinton – The Deep End

Best Supporting Actor:
Steve Buscemi – Ghost World
Runners-up: Ben Kingsley – Sexy Beast and Brian Cox – L.I.E.

Best Supporting Actress:
Helen Mirren – Gosford Park
Runners-up: Maggie Smith – Gosford Park and Scarlett Johansson – Ghost World

Best Director:
Robert Altman – Gosford Park
Runners-up: David Lynch – Mulholland Dr. and Todd Field – In the Bedroom

Best Animated Film:
Waking Life
Runners-up: Shrek and Monsters, Inc.

Best Cinematography:
Christopher Doyle and Pin Bing Lee – In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wa)
Runners-up: Roger Deakins – The Man Who Wasn’t There and Peter Deming – Mulholland Dr.

Best First Film:
Todd Field – In the Bedroom
Runners-up: Terry Zwigoff – Ghost World, Danis Tanović – No Man’s Land, and Jonathan Glazer – Sexy Beast

Best Foreign Language Film:
In the Mood for Love (Fa yeung nin wa) • France/Hong Kong
Runners-up: No Man’s Land • Bosnia and Herzegovina and Amores perros • Mexico

Best Non-Fiction Film:
The Gleaners and I
Runners-up: and The Endurance

Best Screenplay:
Julian Fellowes – Gosford Park
Runners-up: Christopher Nolan – Memento and Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson – The Royal Tenenbaums

Special Award:
The restored and re-released Jacques Demy films Lola and Bay of Angels (La baie des anges)