New York Film Critics 1995

Best Film:
Leaving Las Vegas
Runners-up: Sense and Sensibility and Safe

Best Actor:
Nicolas Cage – Leaving Las Vegas
Runners-up: Anthony Hopkins – Nixon, Jeff Bridges – Wild Bill and John Travolta – Get Shorty

Best Actress:
Jennifer Jason Leigh – Georgia
Runners-up: Elisabeth Shue – Leaving Las Vegas, Julianne Moore – Safe, Nicole Kidman – To Die For, Meryl Streep – The Bridges of Madison County and Emma Thompson – Sense and Sensibility

Best Supporting Actor:
Kevin Spacey – Swimming with Sharks, The Usual Suspects, Outbreak and Seven
Runner-up: Don Cheadle – Devil in a Blue Dress

Best Supporting Actress:
Mira Sorvino – Mighty Aphrodite
Runner-up: Joan Allen – Nixon

Best Director:
Ang Lee – Sense and Sensibility
Runners-up: Mike Figgis – Leaving Las Vegas and Todd Haynes – Safe

Best Screenplay:
Emma Thompson – Sense and Sensibility
Runner-up: Amy Heckerling – Clueless

Best Cinematography:
Lü Yue – Shanghai Triad

Best Documentary:

Best Foreign Language Film:
Wild Reeds (Les Roseaux sauvages) • France
Runners-up: Through the Olive Trees (Zire darakhatan zeyton) • Iran and Lamerica • Italy

Best New Director:
Chris Noonan – Babe
Runners-up: Lodge Kerrigan – Clean, Shaven and Noah Baumbach – Kicking and Screaming