New York Film Critics 1980

Best Film:
Ordinary People
Runners-up: Melvin and Howard and Raging Bull

Best Actor:
Robert De Niro – Raging Bull
Runners-up: Robert Duvall – The Great Santini and Peter O’Toole – The Stunt Man

Best Actress:
Sissy Spacek – Coal Miner’s Daughter
Runners-up: Goldie Hawn – Private Benjamin and Mary Tyler Moore – Ordinary People

Best Supporting Actor:
Joe Pesci – Raging Bull
Runners-up: Jason Robards – Melvin and Howard and Timothy Hutton – Ordinary People

Best Supporting Actress:
Mary Steenburgen – Melvin and Howard
Runners-up: Debra Winger – Urban Cowboy and Mary Nell Santacroce – Wise Blood

Best Director:
Jonathan Demme – Melvin and Howard
Runners-up: Martin Scorsese – Raging Bull and Robert Redford – Ordinary People

Best Screenplay:
Bo Goldman – Melvin and Howard
Runners-up: Jean Gruault – Mon Oncle d’Amérique and John Sayles – Return of the Secaucus 7

Best Cinematography:
Geoffrey Unsworth and Ghislain Cloquet – Tess

Best Documentary:
Best Boy

Best Foreign Film:
Mon Oncle d’Amérique • France
Runners-up: Breaker Morant • Australia and Tess • France/UK