National Board Of Review 1974

Top Ten Films
* The Conversation
Murder on the Orient Express
The Last Detail
Harry and Tonto
A Woman Under the Influence
Thieves Like Us
Daisy Miller
The Three Musketeers

Top Foreign Films
* Amarcord
Lacombe Lucien
Scenes from a Marriage
The Phantom of Liberty
The Pedestrian

Best Actor:
Gene Hackman – The Conversation

Best Actress:
Gena Rowlands – A Woman Under the Influence

Best Supporting Actor:
Holger Löwenadler – Lacombe Lucien

Best Supporting Actress:
Valerie Perrine – Lenny

Best Director:
Francis Ford Coppola – The Conversation

Special Citation:
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Earthquake and The Towering Inferno, for outstanding special effects
Robert Youngson, for his 25-year work with tasteful and intelligent compilation of films
The Film Industry, for increasing care in subsidiary casting in many films