Cannes 1978

Blindfolded Eyes – Carlos Saura
Brave Maestro – Rajko Grlic
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith – Fred Schepisi
Ciao Maschio – Marco Ferreri, * Jury’s Special Grand Prix Ex-Aequo
Coming Home – Hal Ashby, * Best Actor, Jon Voight
Despair – Rainer Werner Fassbinder
A Dream of Passion – Jules Dassin
Ecce Bombo – Nanni Moretti
Empire Of Passion – Nagisa Oshima, * Best Director
A Hunting Accident – Emil Loteanu
The Left-Handed Woman – Peter Handke
Midnight Express – Alan Parker
Moliere – Ariane Mnouchkine
Pretty Baby – Louis Malle
The Recourse To The Method – Miguel Littin
The Refrains From The Shipwreck – Ricardo Franco
Violette NoziereThe Shout – Jerzy Skolimowski, * Jury’s Special Grand Prix Ex-Aequo
Spiral – Krzysztof Zanussi
The Tree Of Wooden Clogs – Ermanno Olmi, * Palme D’Or
An Unmarried Woman – Paul Mazursky, * Best Actress Ex-Aequo, Jill Clayburgh
A Very Moral Night – Karoly Makk
Violette – Claude Chabrol, * Best Actress Ex-Aequo, Isabelle Huppert
Who’ll Stop The Rain – Karel Reisz

Franco Brusati
Francois Chalais
Michel Ciment
Claude Goretta
Andrei Konchalovsky
Alan J. Pakula, * President
Harry Saltzman
Liv Ullmann
Georges Wakhevitch