Cannes 1977

3 Women – Robert Altman, * Best Actress Ex-Aequo, Shelley Duvall
The American Friend – Wim Wenders
An Average Little Man – Mario Monicelli
Backbone – Vlatko Gilic
Bang! – Jan Troell
Black Joy – Anthony Simmons
Bound For Glory – Hal Ashby
Budapest Tales – Istvan Szabo
Car Wash – Michael Schultz
The Duellists – Ridley Scott, * Jury Prize
Elisa, My Life – Carlos Saura, * Best Actor, Fernando Rey
Group Portrait With Lady – Aleksandar Petrovic
The Hunters – Theo Angelopoulos
Iphigenia – Michael Cacoyannis
J.A. Martin Photographer – Jean Beaudin, * Best Actress Ex-Aequo, Monique Mercure
The American FriendThe Lacemaker – Claude Goretta
The Lorry – Marguerite Duras
The Old Country Where Rimbaud Died – Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Padre Padrone – Vittorio Taviani, Paolo Taviani, * Palme D’Or
A Purple Taxi – Yves Boisset
Solemn Communion – Rene Feret
A Special Day – Ettore Scola
Wounded Game – Nikolai Gubenko

N’Sougan Agblemagnon
Anatole Dauman
Jacques Demy
Carlos Fuentes
Benoit Groult
Pauline Kael
Marthe Keller
Youri Ozerov
Roberto Rossellini, * President