My Old Addiction

Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

Cannes 1961

GoodbyeAgainposterIN COMPETITION
The Brute – Zoltan Fabri
The Cossacks – Vasili Pronin
Darclee – Mihai Iacob
The First Mass – Lima Barreto
The Fourteenth Day – Zdravko Velimirovic
Giovedi: Passeggiata – Vincenzo Gamna
Girl With A Suitcase – Valerio Zurlini
Goodbye Again – Anatole Litvak (BEST ACTOR – Anthony Perkins)
The Hand In the Trap – Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
The Hoodlum Priest – Irwin Kershner
Hudozhnikat Zlatyu Boyadzhiev – Ivan Popov
I Like Mike – Peter Frye
The Joy of Living – Rene Clement
The Judge – Alf Sjoberg
MotherJoanOfTheAngelsposterThe Knife – Fons Rademakers
The Last Witness – Wolfgang Staudte
The Long Absence – Henri Colpi (PALME D’OR EX-AEQUO UNANIMITE)
The Lovemakers – Mauro Bolognini
Madalena – Dinos Dimopoulos
The Mark – Guy Green
Mother Joan of the Angels – Jerzy Kawalerowicz (SPECIAL JURY PRIZE)
The Passionate Demons- Nils Reinhardt Christensen
Plein Sud – Gaston de Gerlache
A Raisin In The Sun – Daniel Petrie
Sky Above and Mud Beneath – Pierre Dominique Gaisseau
A Song About The Gray Pigeon – Stanislav Barabas
The Story of the Flaming Years – Yuliya Solntseva (BEST DIRECTOR)
That Forward Center Died At Dawn – Rene Mugica
Two Women – Vittorio De Sica (BEST ACTRESS – Sophia Loren)
Viridiana – Luis Bunuel (PALME D’OR EX-AEQUO UNANIMITE)
The Wastrel – Michael Cacoyannis
Younger Brother – Kon Ichikawa

Pedro Armendariz
Luigi Charini
Tonino Delli Colli
Jean Giono (PRESIDENT)
Claude Mauriac
Edouard Molinaro
Jean Paulhan
Raoul Ploquin
Liselotte Pulver
Serguei Youtkevitch
Fred Zinnemann