Cannes 1960

PALME D’OR: La Dolce Vita
JURY PRIZE: L’Avventura; Odd Obsession
BEST PERFORMANCE: Melina Mercouri, Never On Sunday; Jeanne Moreau, Moderato Cantabile
SPECIAL MENTION: The Virgin Spring; The Young One

America As Seen By A Frenchman
Bad Luck
Ballad of a Soldier
Boy of Two Worlds
Cidade Ameacada
First Lesson
Home From The Hill
La Procesion
Le Trou
Letter Never Sent
Si Le Vent Te Fait Peur
Sons and Lovers
The Chasers
The Delinquents
The Enchanting Shadow
The Lady With The Dog
The Ninth Circle
The Savage Innocents
When The Woman Butts In