Cannes 1949

An Act Of Murder – Michael Gordon
Act of Violence – Fred Zinnemann
The Adventures of Antar and Abla – Salah Abu Seif
Almafuerte – Luis Cesar Amadori
Au Grand Balcon – Henri Decoin
The Beaverskin – Kurt Maetzig
The Big House – Ibrahim Lama
Bitter Rice – Giuseppe De Santis
Eroica – Karl Hartl, H. Walter Kolm-Veltee
Eine große Liebe – Hans Bertram
Foreign Harbour – Hampe Faustman
House of Strangers – Joseph L. Mankiewicz (BEST ACTOR – Edward G. Robinson)
Images d’Ethiopie – Paul Pichonnier, Jean Pichonnier
House of StrangersKeep an Eye on Amelia – Claude Autant-Lara
The Last Illusion – Josef von Baky
Lies of Love – Michelangelo Antonioni
Lost Boundaries – Alfred L. Werker (BEST SCREENPLAY)
Obsession – Edward Dmytryk
On Our Own Land – France Stiglic
The Original Sin – Helmut Kautner
The Passionate Friends – David Lean
Pueblerina – Emilio Fernandez
The Queen Of Spades – Thorold Dickinson
Rendezvous in July – Jacques Becker
Return to Life – Henri-Georges Clouzot, André Cayatte, Jean Dréville, Georges Lampin
Sertao – Joao G. Martin
The Set Up – Robert Wise
The Third Man – Carol Reed (GRAND PRIX)
The Walls of Malapaga – Rene Clement (BEST DIRECTOR) (BEST ACTRESS – Isa Miranda)
Without Honor – Irving Pichel

Jean Benoit-Levy
Madame Georges Bidault
Georges Charensol
Paul Colin
Roger Desormiere
Guy Desson
Jacques-Pierre Frogerais
Etienne Gilson
Paul Gosset
Georges Huisman (PRESIDENT)
Alexandre Kamenka
Georges Raguis
Carlo Rim
Jules Romains
Paul Verneyras
Paul Weill