Yasujiro Ozu

yasujiro_ozu_01Born:  December 12, 1903, Tokyo.


1927:  Blade of Penitence

1928:  Wakodo No Yume, Wife Lost, Nikutaibi

1929:  Takara No Yama, Days of Youth, Daigaku Wa Detakeredo, The Life of an Office Worker

1930:  Kekkongaku Nyumon, Walk Cheerfully, I Flunked But…, That Night’s Wife, The Luck Which Touched The Leg, Ojosan

1931:  The Lady and the Beard, The Sorrow of the Beautiful Woman, Tokyo Chorus

1932:  Spring Comes From The Ladies, I Was Born But…, Where Now Are The Dreams of Youth, Until The Day We Meet Again

1933:  Woman of Tokyo, Dragnet GirlPassing Fancy

1934:  A Mother Should Be Loved, A Story of Floating Weeds

1935:  Hakoiri Musume, An Inn In Tokyo

1936:  Daigaku Yoitoko, The Only Son

1937:  What Did The Lady Forget?

1941:  The Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family

1942:  There Was A Father

1947:  Record of a Tenement Gentleman

1948:  A Hen in the Wind

1949:  Late Spring

1950:  The Munekata Sisters

1951:  Early Summer

1952:  Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

1953:  Tokyo Story

1956:  Early Spring

1957:  Tokyo Twilight

1958:  Equinox Flower

1959:  Good Morning, Floating Weeds

1960:  Late Autumn

1961:  The End of Summer

1962:  An Autumn Afternoon


Died:  December, 1963, Tokyo.