Wim Wenders

Born:  August 14, 1945, Dusseldorf, Germany


1969:  Kaspar Hauser

1971:  Summer In The City

1972:  The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick

1973:  The Scarlet Letter

1974:  Alice In The Cities

1975:  Wrong Move

1976:  Kings of the Road

1977:  The American Friend

1980:  LIghtning Over Water

1982:  Hammett

1982:  The State of Things

1984:  Paris Texas

1985:  Tokyo-Ga

1987:  Wings of Desire

1989:  Notebook on Cities and Clothes

1991:  Until The End of the World

1993:  Faraway So Close

1994:  Lisbon Story

1995:  Beyond the Clouds, Die Gebruder Skladanowsky, Lumiere And Company

1997:  The End of Violence

1998:  Willie Nelson at the Teatro

1999:  Buena Vista Social Club  (Oscar Nomination:  Best Documentary Feature)

2000:  The Million Dollar Hotel

2002:  Ode To Cologne: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Film, Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet

2003:  The Soul of a Man

2004:  Land of Plenty

2005:  Don’t Come Knocking

2007:  Invisibles, To Each His Own Cinema

2008:  Palermo Shooting, 8

2011:  Pina  (Oscar Nomination: Best Documentary Feature)

2012:  Mundo Invisivel

2014:  Cathedrals of Culture, The Salt of the Earth  (Oscar Nomination: Best Documentary Feature)

2015:  Every Thing Will Be Fine

2016:  Les Beaux Jours D’Aranjuez

2017:  Submergence