William A. Wellman

Born:  February 29, 1896, Brookline, Massachusetts.


1920:  The Twins of Suffering Creek

1923:  The Man Who Won, Second Hand Love, Big Dan, Cupid’s Fireman

1924:  Not A Drum Was Heard, The Vagabond Trail, The Circus Cowboy

1925:  When Husbands Flirt

1926:  The Yokel, You Never Know Women, The Cat’s Pajamas

1927:  Wings

1928:  The Legion of the Condemned, Ladies of the Mob, Beggars of Life

1929:  Chinatown Nights, The Man I Love, Woman Trap

1930:  Dangerous Paradise, Young Eagles, Maybe It’s Love

1931:  Other Men’s Women, The Public Enemy, Night Nurse, The Star Witness, Safe in Hell

1932:  The Hatchet Man, So Big!, Such Things Happen, The Purchase Price, The Conquerors, Frisco Jenny

1933:  Central Airport, Lilly Turner, Heroes For Sale, Midnight Mary, Wild Boys of the Road, Football Coach, Female

1934:  Looking For Trouble, Viva Villa!, Stingaree, Strange Conspiracy

1935:  Call of the Wild

1936:  Robin Hood of El Dorado, Small Town Girl, Tarzan Escapes

1937:  A Star Is Born (Oscar Winner: Best Screenplay; Nomination: Best Director), Nothing Sacred

1938:  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Men With Wings

1939:  Beau Geste, The Light That Failed

1941:  Reaching for The Sun

1942:  Roxie Hart, The Great Man’s Lady, Thunder Birds: Soldiers of the Air

1943:  Lady of Burlesque, The Ox-Bow Incident

1944:  Buffalo Bill

1945:  This Man’s Navy, Story of G.I. Joe

1946:  Gallant Journey

1947:  Magic Town

1948:  The Iron Curtain, Yellow Sky

1949:  Battleground  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1950:  The Next Voice You Hear…, The Happy Years

1951:  Across The Wide Missouri, It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology, Westward The Women

1952:  My Man and I

1953:  Island in the Sky

1954:  The High and the Mighty  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Ring of Fear, Track of the Cat

1955:  Blood Alley

1956:  Good-bye My Lady

1958:  The Young Invaders, Hell Bent For Glory


Died:  December 9, 1975, Los Angeles, California.