Vittorio de Sica

004394Born:  July 7, 1901, Sora, Italy.


1940:  Rose Scarlatte, Maddalena…zero in Condotta

1941:  Doctor Beware

1942:  Un Garibaldino Al Convento

1944:  The Children Are Watching Us

1945:  La Porta Del Cielo

1946:  Shoeshine (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Film)

1948:  Heart And Soul, Bicycle Thieves (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Film)

1951:  Miracle In Milan

1952:  Umberto D.

1953:  Indiscretion of an American Wife, Terminal Station, It Happened In The Park

1954:  The Gold Of Naples

1956:  The Roof

1960:  Two Women

1961:  The Last Judgment

1962:  Boccaccio ’70, The Condemned Of Altona

1963:  The Boom, Yesterday Today And Tomorrow  (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Language Film)

1964:  Marriage Italian Style (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Language Film)

1966:  Un Monde Nouveau, After The Fox

1967:   The Witches, Woman Times Seven

1968:  A Place For Lovers

1970:  Sunflower, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, Le Coppie

1972:  Lo Chiameremo Andrea

1973:  A Brief Vacation

1974:  The Voyage


Died:  November 13, 1974, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France