Vittorio de Sica

Born:  July 7, 1901, Sora, Italy.



1940:  Rose Scarlatte, Maddalena…zero in Condotta

1941:  Doctor Beware

1942:  Un Garibaldino Al Convento

1944:  The Children Are Watching Us

1945:  La Porta Del Cielo

1946:  Shoeshine (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Film)

1948:  Heart And Soul, Bicycle Thieves (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Film)

1951:  Miracle In Milan

1952:  Umberto D.

1953:  Indiscretion of an American Wife, Terminal Station, It Happened In The Park

1954:  The Gold Of Naples

1956:  The Roof

1960:  Two Women

1961:  The Last Judgment

1962:  Boccaccio ’70, The Condemned Of Altona

1963:  The Boom, Yesterday Today And Tomorrow  (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Language Film)

1964:  Marriage Italian Style (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Language Film)

1966:  Un Monde Nouveau, After The Fox

1967:   The Witches, Woman Times Seven

1968:  A Place For Lovers

1970:  Sunflower, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, Le Coppie

1972:  Lo Chiameremo Andrea

1973:  A Brief Vacation

1974:  The Voyage



1917:  The Clemenceau Affair

1927:  Beauty of the World

1928:  Company and the Crazy

1932:  The Old Lady, What Scoundrels Men Are, Two Happy Hearts

1933:  Paprika, Love Passes By, The Lucky Diamond, Das Lied der Sonne, La Segretaria per Tuti, Bad Subject

1934:  The Song of the Sun, Mr Desire, Full Speed

1935:  I’ll Give A Million

1936:  I Love You Only

1936:  Lohengrin, I Don’t Know You Aymore

1937:  The Man Who Smiles, Mister Max, These Children, But It’s Nothing Serious

1938:  Naples of Former Days, La Mazurca di Papa, Triumph of Love, L’Orologio A Cucu, Departure, They’ve Kidnapped A Man

1939:  Ai Vostri Ordini Signora, Naples That Never Dies, Castles In The Air, Department Store, It Always Ends That Way

1940:  Manon Lescaut, Two On a Vacation, Rose Scarlatte, The Two Mothers, The Sinner, Maddalena Zero In Condotta

1941:  The Adventuress From The Floor Above, Doctor Beware

1942:  Se Io Fossi Onesto, Un Garibaldino Al Convento, La Guardia Del Corpo

1943:  Non Sono Superstizioso Ma!, Our Dreams

1945:  Responsibility Comes Back, L’ippocampo, Vivere Ancora, My Widow and I

1946:  Rome Open City, Peddlin’ In Society

1947:  Lost In The Dark, Natale Al Campo 119

1948:  Unknown Men of San Marino, Heart and Soul

1949:  Il Mondo Vuole Cosi

1950:  Tomorrow Is Too Late

1951:  Position Wanted, Mamma Mia Che Impressione

1952:  Hello Elephant, The Secret Conclave, Times Gone By

1953:  The Earrings of Madame De, It Happened In The Park, Bread Love And Dreams

1954:  Marriage, 100 Years of Love, Gran Varieta, The Anatomy of Love, The Bed, Modern Virgin, The Cheerful Squadron, Frisky, The Gold of Naples

1955:  Too Bad She’s Bad, Il Segno di Venere, It Happens In Roma, The Miller’s Beautiful Wife, Roman Tales, Scandal In Sorrento

1956:  Waht A Woman, The Bigamist, I Giorni Piu Belli, Nero’s Mistress, Time of Vacation, The Montecarlo Story, Noi Siamo Le Colonne

1957:  A Tailor’s Maid, The Guilty, It Happened In Rome, Casino de Paris, La Donna Che Venne dal Mare, Count Max, Doctor and the Healer, A Farewell To Arms (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Holiday Island, The Lady Doctor

1958:  Love And Chatter, Sunday Is Always Sunday, Fast and Sexy, Always Victorious, Angel In A Taxi, Gli Zitelloni, Bred Love and Andalucia

1959:  The Girl Of San Pietro Square, Venetian Honeymoon, Il Marito Bello: Il Nemico Di Mia Moglie, Men and Noblemen, Vacanze d’Inverno, Il Mondo dei Miracoli, Il Moralista, General Della Rovere, Ferdinando Io re Di Napoli, Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu

1960:  The Angel Wore Red, The Battle of Austerlitz, It Started In Naples, Le Tre Eccetera del Colonnello, Le Pillole di Ercole, The Millionairess, Il Vigile, Love In Rome, Gastone

1961:  Gli Incensurati, L’Onorata Societa, Vive Henri IV vive L’Amour, The Last Judgment, The Wonders of Aladdin, The Orderly, The Two Marshals

1962:  Lafayette, Eva

1965:  The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders

1966:  Me Me Me And The Others

1967:  An Italian In America, Gli Altri Gli Altri E Noi

1968:  The Biggest Bundle of Them All, Dear Caroline, The Shoes of the Fisherman

1969:  If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium, Twelve Plus One

1971:  Cose di Cosa Nostra, Io Non Vedo Tu Non Parli Lui Non Sente, Trastevere, We Are All In Temporary Liberty

1972:  Hector the Mighty, Snow Job, L’Odeur Des Fauves, Le Avventure di Pinocchio

1973:  Storia de Fratelli e De Cortelli, Il Delitto Matteotti, Viaggia Ragazza Viaggia Ha la Muscia Nelle Vene

1974:  Blood For Dracula



Died:  November 13, 1974, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France