Vincente Minnelli

Born:  February 28, 1903, Chicago

Died:  July 25, 1986, Beverly Hills


1942:   Panama Hattie

1943:  Cabin In The Sky, By Hook or By Crook

1944:   The Heavenly Body, Meet Me In St. Louis

1945:  The Clock, Ziegfeld Follies, Yolanda And The Thief

1946:  Undercurrent, Till The Clouds Roll By

1948:  The Pirate

1949:  Madame Bovary

1950:  Father of the Bride

1951:  Father’s Little Dividend, An American In Paris

1952:  The Bad And the Beautiful

1953:  The Story of Three Loves, The Band Wagon, The Long Long Trailer

1954:  Brigadoon

1955:  The CobwebKismet

1956:  Lust For Life, Tea and Sympathy

1957:  Designing Woman, The Seventh Sin

1958:  Gigi, The Reluctante Debutante, Some Came Running

1960:  Home From The Hill, Bells Are Ringing

1962:  The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, Two Weeks In Another Town

1963:  The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

1964:  Goodbye Charlie

1965:  The Sandpiper

1970:  On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

1976:  A Matter of Time


Academy Award: Best Director, Gigi (1958)
Nomination: Best Director, An American In Paris (1951)

Cannes Film Festival Award: Best Musical Comedy, Ziegfeld Follies (1947)
Nominations: In Competition, An American In Paris (1951); Home From The Hill (1960)

Golden Globe Award: Best Director, Gigi (1958)
Nominations: Best Director, An American In Paris (1951); Lust For Life (1956)

Venice Film Festival Nomination: In Competition, The Bad And the Beautiful (1953)