My Old Addiction

Tony Richardson

Born:  June 5, 1928, Shipley, England.


1959:  Look Back In Anger

1960:  The Entertainer

1961:  Sanctuary, A Taste of Honey

1962:  The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

1963:  Tom Jones  (Oscar Winner: Best Picture, Best Director)

1965:  The Loved One

1966:  Mademoiselle

1967:  The Sailor From Gibraltar

1968:  The Charge of the Light Brigade

1969:  Laughter In The Dark, Hamlet

1970:  Ned Kelly, Nijinsky: Unfinished Project

1973:  A Delicate Balance

1974:  Dead Cert

1975:  Mahogany

1977:  Joseph Andrews

1982:  The Border

1984:  The Hotel New Hampshire

1994:  Blue Sky


Died:  November 14, 1991, Los Angeles, California.

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