My Old Addiction

Steven Soderbergh

Born:  January 14, 1963, Atlanta, Georgia.


1989:  sex lies and videotape  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1991:  Kafka

1993:  King of the Hill

1995:  The Underneath

1996:  Schizopolis, Gray’s Anatomy

1998:  Out of Sight

1999The Limey

2000:  Erin Brockovich  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Traffic  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

2001:  Ocean’s Eleven

2002:  Full Frontal, Solaris

2004:  Ocean’s TwelveEros

2005:  Bubble

2006:  The Good German

2007:  Ocean’s Thirteen

2008:  Che: Part One, Che: Part Two

2009:  The Girlfriend Experience, The Informant!

2010:  And Everything Is Going Fine

2011:  Contagion, Haywire

2012:  Magic Mike

2013:  Side Effects

2017:  Logan Lucky

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