Sergei M. Eisenstein

Born:  January 22, 1898, Riga, Russian Empire.


1925:  Strike, Battleship Potemkin

1927:  October (Ten Days That Shook The World)

1929:  Old And New, The Storming of La Sarraz, Gore I Radost Zhenshchiny

1932:  Que Viva Mexico

1933:  Thunder Over Mexico, Eisenstein In Mexico

1938:  Alexander Nevsky

1940:  Time In The Sun

1941:  Zapotecan Village, Spaniard And Italian, Mexico Marches, Mexican Symphony, Land and Freedom, Idol Of Hope, Conquering Cross

1943:  Seeds of Freedom

1944:  Ivan The Terrible Part I

1958:  Ivan The Terrible Part II

1979:  Que Viva Mexico


Died:  February 11, 1948, Moscow, USSR.