Sam Wood

Born:  July 10, 1883, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


1920:  Double Speed, Excuse My Dust, The Dancin’ Fool, Sick Abed, What’s Your Hurry, A City Sparrow, Her Beloved Villain, Her First Elopement

1921:  The Snob, Peck’s Bad Boy, The Great Moment, Under The Lash, Don’t Tell Everything

1922:  Her Husband’s Trademark, Her Gilded Cage, Beyond the Rocks, The Impossible Mrs. Bellew, My American Wife

1923:  Prodigal Daughters, Bluebeard’s 8th Wife, His Children’s Children

1924:  The Next Corner, Bluff, The Female, The Mine With The Iron Door

1925:  The Re-Creation of Brian Kent

1926:  Fascinating Youth, One Minute To Play

1927:  Rookies, A Racing Romeo, The Fair Co-Ed

1928:  The Latest From Paris, Telling The World

1929:  So This is College, It’s A Great Life

1930:  They Learned About Women, The Girl Said No, The Sins of the Children, Way for A Sailor, Paid

1931:  A Tailor Made Man, The Man In Possession, New Adventures of Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford

1932:  Huddle, Prosperity, Fast Life

1933:  The Barbarian, Hold Your Man, Christopher Bean

1934:  The Cat and the Fiddle, Hollywood Party, Stamboul Quest, The Girl From Missouri

1935:  Let ‘Em Have It, Rendezvous, A Night At The Opera, Whipsaw

1936:  The Unguarded Hour

1937:  The Good Earth, A Day At The Races, Madame X, Navy Blue and Gold

1938:  Lord Jeff, Stablemates

1939:  Goodbye Mr. Chips  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Raffles, Gone With The Wind

1940:  Our Town, Rangers Of Fortune, Kitty Foyle   (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1941:  The Devil and Miss Jones

1942:  Kings Row  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), The Pride of the Yankees

1943:  For Whom The Bell Tolls

1944:  Casanova Brown

1945:  Guest Wife, Saratoga Trunk

1946:  Heartbeat

1947:  Ivy

1948:  Command Decision

1949:  The Stratton Story

1950:  Ambush


Died:  September 22, 1949, Hollywood, California.