Roy Del Ruth

Born:  October 18, 1893, Delaware, USA.


1925:  Eve’s Lover, Hogan’s Alley, There Weeks In Paris

1926:  The Man Upstairs, The Little Irish Girl, Fine Feathers, Across The Pacific

1927: Wolf’s Clothing, The First Auto, If I Were Single, Ham and Eggs at the Front

1928:  Powder My Back, Five and Ten Cent Annie, The Terror, Beware of Bachelors, Conquest

1929:  The Desert Song, The Hottentot, Gold Diggers of Broadway, The Aviator

1930:  Hold Everything, The Second Floor Mystery, Three Faces East, The Life of the Party, Divorce Among Friends

1931:  My Past, The Maltese Falcon, Side Show, Blonde Crazy

1932:  Taxi!, Beauty and the Boss, Winner Take All, Blessed Event

1933:  Employees’ Entrance, The Mind Reader, The Little Giant, Captured!, Bureau of Missing Persons, Lady Killer

1934:  Upper World, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, Kid Millions

1935:  The Man From The Folies Bergere, L’Homme des Folies Bergere, Broadway Melody of 1936, Thanks A Million

1936:  It Had To Happen, Secret Interlude, Born To Dance

1937:  On The Avenue, Broadway Melody of 1938

1938:  Happy Landing, My Lucky Star

1939:  Tail Spin, The Star Maker, Here I Am A Stranger

1940:  He Married His Wife, Dance Girl Dance

1941:  Topper Returns, The Chocolate Soldier

1942:  She Got Her Man, I Married An Angel, Panama Hattie

1943:  Du Barry Was A Lady

1944:  Broadway Rhythm, Barbary Coast Gent

1945:  Ziegfeld Follies

1947:  It Happened On Fifth Avenue

1948:  The Babe Ruth Story

1949:  Red Light, Always Leave Them Laughing

1950:  The West Point Story

1951:  On Moonlight Bay, Starlift

1952:  About Face, Stop You’re Killing Me

1953:  Three Sailors and a Girl

1954:  Phantom of the Rue Morgue

1959:  The Alligator People

1960:  Why Must I Die?


Died:  April 27, 1961, Sherman Oaks, California.