Roberto Rossellini

Born:  May 8, 1906, Rome, Italy.


1941:  The White Ship

1942:  A Pilot Returns

1943:  The Man With The Cross

1945:  Rome Open City  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1946:  Desire, Paisan  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1948:  Germany Year Zero, L’Amore

1949:  The Invader

1950:  Stromboli, The Flowers of St. Francis, The Ways of Love

1952:  The Seven Deadly Sins, The Machine That Kills Bad People, Europe ’51

1953:  We The Women, Rivalry

1954:  Mid-Century Loves, Dov’e La Liberta, Journey To Italy, Fear, Giovanna D’Arco Al Rogo

1959:  India: Matri Bhumi, General della Rovere  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1960:  Escape By Night

1961:  Garibaldi, Vanina Vanini

1962:  Anima Nera

1963:  Ro.Go.Pa.G.

1970:  Da Gerusalemme A Damasco

1974:  Year One

1975:  Il Messia

1977:  Beaubourg


Died:  June 3, 1977, Rome, Italy.