My Old Addiction

Robert Zemeckis

mv5bmtgymtmzmduynl5bml5banbnxkftztcwoda0odmymw-_v1_ux214_cr00214317_al_Born:  May 14, 1952, Chicago, Illinois.


1978:  I Wanna Hold Your Hand

1980:  Used Cars

1984:  Romancing The Stone

1985:  Back To The Future  (Oscar Nomination: Best Original Screenplay)

1988:  Who Framed Roger Rabbit

1989:  Back To The Future Part II

1990:  Back To The Future Part III

1992:  Death Becomes Her

1994:  Forrest Gump  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1997:  Contact

2000:  What Lies Beneath, Cast Away

2004:  The Polar Express

2007:  Beowulf

2009:  A Christmas Carol

2012:  Flight

2015:  The Walk

2016:  Allied

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