Robert Z. Leonard

Born:  October 7, 1889, Chicago, Illinois.


1914:  The Master Key

1915:  The Silent Command, Heritage, Judge Not Or The Woman of Mona Diggings

1916:  Secret Love, The Crippled Hand, The Love Girl, Little Eve Edgarton, The Plow Girl, The Eagle’s Wings

1917:  On Record, Please Be My Wife, A Mormon Maid, The Primrose Ring, At First Sight, Princess Virtue, Face Value

1918:  The Bride’s Awakening, The Heart of an Actress, Modern Love, Danger Go Slow

1919:  The Delicious Little Devil, The Scarlet Shadow, What Am I Bid, Big Little Person, The Way of a Woman, The Miracle of Love

1920:  Stronger Than Death, April Folly, The Restless Sex

1921:  The Gilded Lily, Heedless Moths

1922:  Peacock Alley, Fascination, Broadway Rose

1923:  Jazzmania, The French Doll, Fashion Row

1924:  Mademoiselle Midnight, Circe The Enchantress, Love’s Wilderness

1925:  Cheaper to Marry, Time The Comedian, Bright Lights

1926:  Dance Madness, Mademoiselle Modiste, The Waning Sex

1927:  A Little Journey, The Demi-Bride, Adam and Evil, Tea For There

1928:  The Five O’Clock Girl, Baby Mine, The Cardboard Lover, A Lady of Chance

1929:  Marianne

1930:  The Divorcee  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), In Gay Madrid, Let Us Be Gay

1931:  The Bachelor Father, It’s A Wise Child, Daughter of Luxury, Susan Lenox

1932:  Lovers Courageous, Strange Interlude, The Son-Daughter

1933:  Peg o’My Heart, When Ladies Meet, Dancing Lady

1934:  Outcast Lady

1935:  After Office Hours, Naughty Marietta, Escapade, A Tale of Two Cities

1936:  The Great Ziegfeld  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Small Town Girl, Piccadilly Jim

1937:  Maytime, The Firefly

1938:  The Girl of the Golden West, Sweethearts

1939:  Serenade

1940:  New Moon, Pride and Prejudice, Third Finger Left Hand

1941:  Ziegfeld Girl, When Ladies Meet

1942:  We Were Dancing, Stand By For Action

1943:  The Man From Down Under

1944:  Marriage Is A Private Affair

1945:  Week-End At the Waldorf

1946:  The Secret Heart

1947:  The Rich Full Life

1948:  Polly Fulton

1949:  The Bribe, In The Good Old Summertime

1950:  Nancy Goes To Rio, Duchess of Idaho

1951:  Grounds For Marriage, Too Young To Kiss

1952:  Everything I Have Is Yours

1953:  The Clown

1954:  The Great Diamond Robbery, Her Twelve Men

1955:  The King’s Thief, Beautiful But Dangerous

1957:  Kelly and Me


Died:  August 27, 1968, Beverly Hills, California.