Robert Wise

Born:  September 10, 1914, Winchester, Indiana.


1944:  The Curse of the Cat People, Mademoiselle Fifi

1945:  The Body Snatcher, A Game of Death

1946:  Criminal Court

1947:  Born To Kill

1948:  Mystery In Mexico, Blood on the Moon

1949:  The Set-Up

1950:  Two Flags West, Three Secrets

1951:  The House on Telegraph Hill, The Day The Earth Stood Still

1952:  The Captive City, Something For The Birds

1953:  Destination Gobi, The Desert Rats, So Big

1954:  Executive Suite

1956:  Helen of Troy, Tribute to a Bad Man, Somebody Up There Likes Me

1957:  This Could Be The Night, Until They Sail

1958:  Run Silent Run Deep, I Want To Live! (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1959:  Odds Against Tomorrow

1961:  West Side Story  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1962:  Two For The Seesaw

1963:  The Haunting

1965:  The Sound of Music (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1966:  The Sand Pebbles

1968:  Star!

1971:  The Andromeda Strain

1973:  Two People

1975:  The Hindenburg

1977:  Audrey Rose

1979:  Star Trek: The Motion Picture

1989:  Rooftops