Robert Redford

Born:  August 18, 1936, Santa Monica, California.



1960:   Tall Story

1962:  War Hunt

1965:  Situation Hopeless But Not Serious, Inside Daisy Clover

1966:  The Chase, This Property Is Condemned

1967:  Barefoot In The Park

1969:  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Downhill Racer, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here

1970:  Little Fauss and Big Halsy

1972:  The Hot Rock, Jeremiah Johnson, The Candidate

1973:  The Way We Were, The Sting  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1974:  The Great Gatsby

1975:  The Great Waldo Pepper, Three Days of the Condor

1976:  All The President’s Men

1977:  A Bridge Too Far

1979:  The Electric Horseman

1980:  Brubaker

1984:  The Natural

1985:  Out of Africa

1986:  Legal Eagles

1990:  Havana

1992:  Sneakers, A River Runs Through It

1993:  Indecent Proposal

1996:  Up Close & Personal

1998:  The Horse Whisperer

2001:  The Last Castle, Spy Game

2004:  The Clearing

2005:  An Unfinished Life

2006:  Charlotte’s Web

2007:  Lions For Lambs

2012:  The Company You Keep

2013:  All Is Lost

2014:  Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2015:  A Walk In The Woods, Truth

2016:  Pete’s Dragon

2017:  The Discovery, Our Souls At Night

2018:  The Old Man and the Gun, Buttons

2019:  Avengers: Endgame



1980:  Ordinary People  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1988:  The Milagro Beanfield War

1992:  A River Runs Through It

1994:  Quiz Show  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1998:  The Horse Whisperer

2000:  The Legend of Bagger Vance

2007:  Lions For Lambs

2010:  The Conspirator

2012:  The Company You Keep

2014:  Cathedrals of Culture