Richard Thorpe

Born:  February 24, 1896, Hutchinson, Kansas.


1924:  Rough Ridin’, Rarin’ To Go, Battling Buddy, Fast and Fearless, Hard-Hittin’ Hamilton, Rip Roarin’ Roberts, Bringin’ Home the Bacon, Thundering Romance

1925:  Gold and Grit, Full Speed, Fast Fightin’, On The Go, Double Action Daniels, Quicker’n Lightnin’, Tearin’ Loose, The Desert Demon, The Saddle Cyclone, Galloping On, A Streak of Luck

1926:  The Roaring Rider, Trumpin’ Trouble, The Fighting Cheat, Coming an’ Going, The Trigger Twins, Deuce High, Easy Going, Rawhide, Speedy Spurs, Double Daring, The Dangerous Dub, Twisted Triggers, The Bonanza Buckaroo, The Younger Generations, Josselyn’s Wife, The Bandit Buster, The Last Card

1927:  The First Night, The Cyclone Cowboy, Between Dangers, The Galloping Gobs, Tearin’ Into Trouble, The Ridin’ Rowdy, The Meddlin’ Stranger, Pals In Peril, Skedaddle Gold, White Pebbles, The Interferin’ Gent, The Soda Water Cowboy, Ride ’em High, The Obligin’ Buckaroo, Roarin’ Broncs, The Desert of the Lost

1928:  The Ballyhoo Buster, Desperate Courage, The Cowboy Cavalier, The Valley of Hunted Men, Vultures of the Sea, Saddle Mates, The Vanishing West, Flyin’ Buckaroo

1929:  The Fatal Warning, The Bachelor Girl, Border Romance, The King of the Kongo

1930:  The Lone Defender, Feminine Touch, Wings of Adventure, Riding To Win, Under Montana Skies, The Utah Kid

1931:  King of the Wild, The Lawless Woman, The Sky Spider, The Lady From Nowhere, Wild Horse, Grief Street, Neck and Neck, Forgotten Women, The Murdock Affair

1932:  Cross-Examination, The Death Ray, Second Chances, Dangerous Ground, Dream Mother, Forbidden Company, Beauty Parlor, Thrill of Youth, The King Murder, Slightly Married, Women Won’t Tell, The Secrets of Wu Win

1933: Forgotten, Women Are Dangerous, I Have Lived, Strange People, Notorious But Nice, A Man of Sentiment, On The Stroke of Nine, Rainbow Over Broadway

1934:  The Quitter, Stolen Sweets, City Park, Green Eyes, Cheating Cheaters, Secret of the Chateau, Strange Wives

1935:  Last of the Pagans

1936:  The Voice of Bugle Ann, Tarzan Escapes

1937:  Dangerous Number, Night Must Fall, Double Wedding

1938:  Man-Proof, Love Is A Headache, The First Hundred Years, Frou Frou, The Young In Heart, The Crowd Roars, Three Loves Has Nancy

1939:  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tarzan Finds A Son!

1940:  The Earl of Chicago, 20 Mule Team, Busman’s Honeymoon, Bad Man of Wyoming

1941:  Rage In Heaven, Two-Gun Cupid, Barnacle Bill, Tarzan’s Secret Treasure

1942:  The Bugle Sounds, Highway To Freedom, Tarzan’s New York Adventrue, Apache Trail, White Cargo

1943:  Above Suspicion, Three Hearts for Julia, Cry ‘Havoc’

1944:  Two Girls And A Sailor

1945:  Thrill of a Romance, Her Highness and the Bellboy, What Next Corporal Hargrove?, The Thin Man Goes Home

1947:  Fiesta, This Time For Keeps

1948:  On An Island With You, A Date With Judy

1949:  The Sun Comes Up, Big Jack, Challenge to Lassie, East of the Rising Sun

1950:  Black Hand, Three Little Words

1951:  Vengeance Valley, The Great Caruso, The Unknown Woman, It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology

1952:  Carbine Williams, Ivanhoe, The Prisoner of Zenda

1953:  The Girl Who Had Everything, All The Brothers Were Valiant, Knights of the Round Table

1954:  The Student Prince, Athena

1955:  The Prodigal, Bedevilled, The Adventures of Quentin Durward

1957:  Ten Thousand Bedrooms, Tip On A Dead Jockey, Jailhouse Rock

1959:  Killers of Kilimanjaro, The House of the Seven Hawks

1961:  The Honeymoon Machine, I Tartari

1962:  The Horizontal Lieutenant, How The West Was Won

1963:  Follow The Boys, Fun In Acapulco

1964:  The Truth About Spring, The Golden Head

1965:  That Funny Feeling

1967:  The Pistolero of Red River


Died:  May 1, 1991, Palm Springs, California.