Richard Quine

Born:  November 12, 1920, Detroit, Michigan.


1948:  Leather Gloves

1951:  Sunny Side of the Street, Purple Heart diary

1952:  Sound Off, Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder

1953:  All Ashore, Siren of Bagdad, Cruisin’ Down The River

1954:  Drive a Crooked Road, Pushover, So This is Paris

1955:  My Sister Eileen

1956:  The Solid Gold Cadillac, Full of Life

1957:  Operation Mad Ball

1958:  Bell Book and Candle

1959:  It Happened To Jane

1960:  Strangers When We Meet, The World of Suzy Wong

1962:  The Notorious Landlady

1964:  Paris When It Sizzles, Sex and The Single Girl

1965:  How To Murder Your Wife, Synanon

1967:  Hotel, Oh Dad Poor Dad Mamma’s Hung You In The Closet and I’m Feelin So Sad

1969:  A Talent For Loving

1970:  The Moonshine War

1974:  W

1979:  The Prisoner of Zenda

1980:  The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu


Died:  June 10, 1989, Los Angeles, California.