Richard Attenborough

Born:  August 29, 1923, Cambridge, England

Died:  August 24, 2014, Denville Hall, England




1969:  Oh! What A Lovely War

1972:  Young Winston

1977:  A Bridge Too Far

1978:  Magic

1982:  Gandhi 

1985:  Chorus Line

1987:  Cry Freedom

1992:  Chaplin

1993:  Shadowlands

1996:  In Love And War

1999:  Grey Owl

2007:  Closing The Ring




1942:  In Which We Serve

1943:  It Started At Midnight

1944:  The Hundred Pound Window

1945:  Journey Together

1946:  A Matter Of Life And Death, Secret Flight

1947:  The Smugglers, Dancing With Crime

1948:  Brighton Rock, Dulcimer Street, The Outsider

1949:  The Lost People, Boys In Brown

1950:  Operation Disaster

1951:  Hell Is Sold Out, The Magic Box

1952:  Glory At Sea, Father’s Doing Fine

1954:  Eight O’Clock Walk

1955:  PT Raiders

1956:  Private’s Progress, The Baby and the Battleship

1957:  Brothers In Law, Strange Affection

1958:  Dunkirk, The Man Upstairs, Desert Patrol

1959:  Breakout, I’m All Right Jack, Jet Storm, SOS Pacific

1960:  The Angry Silence, The League of Gentlemen, Upgreen – And At ‘Em

1962:  Only Two Can Play, All Night Long, Trial and Error

1963:  The Great Escape

1964:  The Third Secret, Seance on a Wet Afternoon, Guns At Batasi

1965:  The Flight of the Phoenix

1966:  The Sand Pebbles

1967:  Doctor Dolittle

1968:  Only When I Larf, The Bliss Of Mrs. Blossom

1969:  The Magic Christian

1970:  The Lost Grenade, Loot

1971:  A Severed Head, 10 Rillington Place

1974:  Ten Little Indians

1975:  Brannigan, Rosebud, Conduct Unbecoming

1977:  The Chess Players, A Bridge Too Far

1979:  The Human Factor

1993:  Jurassic Park

1994:  Miracle On 34th Street

1996:  E=mc2, Hamlet

1997:  The Lost World: Jurassic Park

1998:  Elizabeth

2002:  Puckoon


Academy Awards:  Best Picture, Gandhi (1982); Best Director, Gandhi (1982)

Golden Globe Awards:  Best Supporting Actor, The Sand Pebbles (1966); Doctor Dolittle (1967); Best Director, Gandhi (1982)
Nominations:  Best Director, A Chorus Line (1985);  Cry Freedom (1987)

Berlin Film Festival Awards:  Berlinale Camera (1988); Peace Film Award-Honorable Mention, Cry Freedom (1987)


Photo by Verhoeff, Bert / Anefo