My Old Addiction

Rene Clair

Born:  November 11, 1898, Paris, France.


1925:  The Phantom of the Moulin Rouge

1926:  The Imaginary Voyage

1927:  The Prey of the wind

1928:  The Horse Ate The Hat, Two Timid Souls

1930:  Under The Roofs of Paris

1931:  Le Million, A Nous La Liberte

1933:  July 14

1934:  The Last Billionaire

1935:  The Ghost Goes West

1938:  Break The News

1941:  The Flame of New Orleans

1942:  I Married A Witch

1943:  Forever And a Day

1944:  It Happened Tomorrow

1945:  And Then There Were None

1947:  Man About Town

1950:  The Beauty of the Devil

1952:  Beauties of the Night

1955:  The Grand Maneuver

1957:  The Gates of Paris

1960:  Love and The Frenchwoman

1961:  Tout L’Or Du Monde

1962:  Three Fables of Love

1965:  The Lace Wars


Died;  March 15, 1981, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

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