Raoul Ruiz

Born:  July 25, 1941, Puerto Montt, Chile.


1967:  El Tango Del Viudo

1968:  Three Sad Tigers

1970:  The Penal Colony

1971:  Nobody Said Anything

1972:  Que Hacer!

1973:  Socialist Realism, Palomilla Brava, Little White Dove

1974:  The Expropriation

1975:  Dialogues of Exiles

1978:  The Suspended Vacation, The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting

1979:  Jeux, Images de DebatOf Great Events and Ordinary People

1980:  Teletests, Musee Dali, le BorgneL’Image en Silence

1981:  The Territory

1982:  On Top of the Whale

1983:  Three Crowns of the Sailor, Berenice, City of Pirates, La Ville de Paris

1984:  Vanishing Point, The Real Presence

1985:  Regime Sans Pain, The Insomniac on the Bridge, Treasure Island

1986:  Mammame, Richard III, Dans Un Miroir

1987:  The Blind Owl, Life is a Dream, Professor Taranne

1988:  Tous Les Nuages Sont Des HorlagesBrise-Glace, Allegoria

1989:  Derriere le MurL’Autel de l’Amitie

1990:  The Golden Boat, La Telenovela Errante

1991:  L’Exote, Basta la Palabra

1992:  Dark At Noon

1993:  Miroirs de Tunisie

1994:  Fado Major and Minor, Viaggio Clandestino-Vite di Santi e di Peccatori

1995:  A Propos de Nice La Suite

1996:  Three Lives and Only One Death

1997:  Genealogies of a Crime

1998:  Shattered Image

1999:  Time Regained

2000:  Love Torn In A Dream, Comedy of Innocence

2001:  Savage Souls

2002:  Cofralandes Part Two: Faces and Places, Cofralandes Part Three: Museums And Clubs In The Antartic, Cofralandes Part Four: Memories and Waltzes, Miotte vu Par Raul Ruiz, Cofralandes: Chilean Rhapsody Part One

2003:  That Day, Vertigo of the Blank Pages

2004:  Responso, Days in the CountryEdipo

2005:  The Lost Domain

2006:  Klimt

2007:  To Each His Own Cinema

2008:  Agathopedia, Nucingen House

2009:  The Yellow Passport, A Closed Book

2010:  Mysteries of LisbonL’Estate Breve

2011:  Ballet Aquatique

2012:  Night Across the Street


Died:  August 19, 2011, Paris, France.