My Old Addiction

Peter Yates

Born:  July 24, 1929, Aldershot, England.


1963:  Summer Holiday

1965:  One Way Pendulum

1967:  Robbery

1968:  Bullitt

1969:  John and Mary

1971:  Murphy’s War

1972:  The Hot Rock

1973:  The Friends of Eddie Coyle

1974:  For Pete’s Sake

1976:  Mother Jugs and Speed

1977:  The Deep

1979:  Breaking Away (Oscar Nominations: Best Picture, Best Director)

1981:  Eyewitness

1983:  Krull, The Dresser (Oscar Nominations: Best Picture, Best Director)

1985:  Eleni

1987:  Suspect

1988:  The House on Carroll Street

1989:  An Innocent Man

1992:  Year of the Comet

1995:  Roommates, The Run of the Country

1998:  It All Came True


Died:  January 9, 2011, London, England.

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