Orson Welles

Born:  May 6, 1915, Kenosha, Wisconsin.



1938:  Too Much Johnson

1941:  Citizen Kane  (Oscar Winner: Best Screenplay; Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1942:  The Magnificent Ambersons, Journey Into Fear

1943:  It’s All True

1946:  The Stranger

1947:  The Lady From Shanghai

1948:  Macbeth

1949:  Black Magic

1951:  Othello

1955:  Three Cases of Murder, Confidential Report

1958:  Touch of Evil

1960:  David and Goliath

1962:  Sinners Go To Hell, The Trial

1965:  Chimes At Midnight

1967:  The Heroine

1969:  The Southern Star

1970:  The Deep

1972:  Don Quixote

1973:  F For Fake

1978:  Filming Othello

1981:  Filming The Trial

1992:  Don Quixote

1993:  It’s All True

2018:  The Other Side of the Wind



1938:  Too Much Johnson

1940:  Swiss Family Robinson

1941:  Citizen Kane  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1942:  The Magnificent Ambersons, Journey Into Fear

1943:  Jane Eyre

1944:  Follow the Boys

1946:  Tomorrow Is Forever, The Stranger, Duel In The Sun

1947:  The Lady From Shanghai

1948:  Macbeth

1949:  Black Magic, The Third Man, Prince of Foxes

1950:  The Black Rose

1951:  Othello

1952:  The Little World of Don Camillo, Trent’s Last Case

1953:  L’Uomo La Bestia E La Virtu

1954:  Royal Affairs In Versailles, Trouble In The Glen

1955:  Three Cases of Murder, Napoleon,  Confidential Report

1956:  Moby Dick

1957:  Man In The Shadow

1958:  Touch of Evil, The Long Hot Summer, The Vikings, South Seas Adventure, The Roots of Heaven, Masters of the Congo Jungle

1959:  Compulsion, Ferry To Hong Kong

1960:  David and Goliath, Crack In The Mirror, The Battle of Austerlitz

1961:  I Tartari, King of Kings

1962:  Lafayette, The Trial

1963:  Ro.Go.Pa.G., The VIPs

1964:  The Finest Hours

1965:  Chimes At Midnight, Marco The Magnificent

1966:  Is Paris Burning, A Man For All Seasons

1967:  Casino Royale, The Sailor From Gibraltar, I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname

1968:  Oedipus The King, The Last Roman

1969:  Tepepa, The Southern Star, Kampf um Rom II Der Verrat, House of Cards, Twelve Plus One, The Battle on the River Neretva, To Build a Fire

1970:  The Kremlin Letter, Start The Revolution Without Me, Catch-22, Waterloo, The Deep

1971:  A Safe Place, Ten Days Wonder, Malpertuis

1972:  Necromancy, Get To Know Your Rabbit, Treasure Island, Don Quixote

1973:  The Battle of Sutjeska

1974:  Ten Little Indians

1976:  Voyage of the Damned

1977:  Hot Tomorrows, Some Call It Greed

1978:  The Biggest Battle

1979:  The Muppet Movie, The Double McGuffin

1980:  The Secret Life of Nikola Tesla

1981:  The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, History of the World Part I, The Enchanted Journey

1982:  Butterfly, Slapstick of Another Kind

1983:  Hot Money

1984:  Where Is Parsifal

1986:  The Transformers: The Movie

1987:  Someone To Love


Died:  October 10, 1985, Hollywood, California.