Nicholas Ray

Born:  August 7, 1911, Galesville, Wisconsin.


1948:  They Live By Night

1949:  A Woman’s Secret, Knock On Any Door, Roseanna McCoy

1950:  In A Lonely Place, Born To Be Bad

1951:  Flying Leathernecks, The Racket, On Dangerous Ground

1952:  Macao, The Lusty Men, Androcles and the Lion

1954:  Johnny Guitar

1955:  Run For Cover, Rebel Without A Cause  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1956:  Hot Blood, Bigger Than Life

1957:  The True Story of Jesse James, Bitter Victory

1958:  Wind Across The Everglades, Party Girl

1960:  The Savage Innocents

1961:  King of Kings

1963:  55 Days At Peking

1965:  The Doctor and the Devil

1973:  We Can’t Go Home Again

1974:  Wet Dreams

1980:  Lightning Over Water


Died:  June 16, 1979, New York City, New York.