Nagisa Oshima

Born:  March 31, 1932, Tamano, Japan.


1959:  A Town Of Love and HOpe

1960:  Naked Youth, The Sun’s Burial, Night and Fog In Japan

1961:  The Catch

1962:  Shiro Amakusa The Christian Rebel

1965:  Pleasures of the Flesh

1966:  Violence At Noon

1967:  Band of Ninja, Sing a Song of Sex, Japanese Summer Double Suicide

1968:  Death By Hanging, Three Resurrected Drunkards

1969:  Diary of a Shinjuku Thief, Boy

1970:  The Man Who Put His Will on Film

1971:  The Ceremony

1972:  Dear Summer Sister

1976:  In The Realm of the Senses

1978:  Empire of Passion

1983:  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

1986:  Max Mon Amour

1991:  Kyoto My Mother’s Place

1999:  Taboo


Died:  January 15, 2013, Fujisawa, Japan.