Michael Powell

Born:  September 30, 1905, Bekesbourne, England.


1930:  Caste

1932:  My Friend The King, Rynox, Hotel Splendide, C.O.D., His Lordship

1933:  Born Lucky

1934:  The Fire Raisers, Red Ensign, Something Always Happens

1935:  Lazybones, The Girl In The Crowd, The Love Test, The Night Of the Party, The Phanom Light, The Price of a Song, Her Last Affaire, Someday

1936:  The Brown Wallet, Crown V. Stevens, The Man Behind The Mask

1937:  The Edge of the World

1939:  The Spy In Black, The Lion Has Wings

1940:  Contraband, The Thief of Bagdad

1941:  49th Parallel

1942:  One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing

1943:  The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

1944:  The Volunteer, A Canterbury Tale

1945:  I Know Where I’m Going

1946:  A Matter of Life and Death

1947:  Black Narcissus

1948:  The Red Shoes

1949:  The Small Back Room

1950:  Gone To Earth, The Elusive Pimpernel

1951:  The Tales of Hoffmann

1952:  The Wild Heart

1955:  Oh…Rosalinda!!

1956:  The Battle of the River Plate

1957:  Ill Met By Moonlight

1959:  Honeymoon

1960:  Peeping Tom

1961:  The Queen’s Guards

1963:  Herzog Blaubarts Burg

1966:  They’re A Weird Mob

1969:  Age of Consent

1972:  The Boy Who Turned Yellow

1978:  Return to the Edge of the World


Died:  February 19, 1990, Avening, England.