Michael Gordon

Born:  September 6, 1909, Baltimore, Maryland.


1942:  Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood, Underground Agent

1943:  One Dangerous Night, Crime Doctor

1947:  The Web

1948:  Another Part of the Forest, An Act of Murder

1949:  The Lady Gambles, Once More My Darling

1950:  Woman In Hiding, Cyrano De Bergerac

1951:  I Can Get It For You Wholesale, The Secret of Convict Lake

1959:  Pillow Talk

1960:  Portrait In Black

1962:  Boys’ Night Out

1963:  For Love or Money, Move Over Darling

1965:  A Very Special Favour

1966:  Texas Across the River

1968:  The Impossible Years


Died:  April 29, 1993, Century City, California.