Michael Curtiz

Born:  December 24, 1886, Budapest, Austria-Hungary.


1912:  Today and Tomorrow

1913:  My Husband’s Getting Married, The Last Bohemian

1914:  Captive Souls, Golddigger, The Princess in a Nightrobe, Prisoner of the Night

1915:  A Paradicsom, The Undesirable, The Borrowed Babies, Bank Ban

1916:  One Who Is Loved By Two, Seven of Spades, The Karthauzer, The Medic, A Banat Asszonya, Mr. Doctor

1917:  The Wolf, The Black Rainbow, The Strength of the Fatherland, Master Zoard, The Death-Bell, The Charlatan, The Last Dawn, Tatarjaras, Nobody’s Son, Secret of St. Job Forest, Earth’s Man, The Red Samson

1918:  Peace’s Road, Tavasz A Telben, The Ugly Boy, A Penny’s History, Jean the Tenant, 99, The Devil, Judas, Lulu Szerelmei, Lulu, A Skorpio I.

1919:  Magic Waltz, The Sunflower Woman, The Colonel, Alraune, Lu The Coquette, Jon Az Ocsem, Die Dame Mit Dem Schwarzen Handschuh, Liliom

1920:  Boccaccio, A Vig Ozvegy, Der Stern Von Damaskus, Die Gottesgeisel

1921:  Mrs. Tutti Frutti, Good and Evil, Mrs. Dane’s Confession, Labyrinth of Horror

1922:  Sodom und Gomorrha

1923:  Der Junge Medardus, Die Lawine

1924:  Nameless, Harun al Raschid, The Moon Of Israel, General Babka, Ein Spiel Ums Leben

1925:  Red Heels

1926:  Fiaker Nr. 13, The Golden Butterfly

1927:  The Third Degree, A Million Bid, The Desired Woman, Good Time Charley

1928:  Tenderloin, Noah’s Ark

1929:  Glad Rag Doll, Madonna of Avenue A, The Gamblers, Hearts in Exile

1930:  Mammy, Under A Texas Moon, The Matrimonial Bed, The Office Wife, Bright Lights, River’s End, A Soldier’s Plaything

1931:  Damon Des Meeres, God’s Gift To Women, The Mad Genius

1932:  The Woman from Monte Carlo, Alias The Doctor, The Strange Love of Molly Louvain, Doctor X, The Cabin in the Cotton

1933:  20 000 Years in Sing Sing, Mystery of the Wax Museum, The Keyhole, Private Detective 62, The Mayor of Hell, Goodbye Again, The Kennel Murder Case, Female

1934:  Mandalay, Jimmy The Gent, The Key, British Agent

1935:  Black Fury, The Case of the Curious Bride, Go Into Your Dance, Front Page Woman, Little Big Shot, Captain Blood  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1936:  The Walking Dead, Anthony Adverse, The Charge of the Light Brigade

1937:  Black Legion, Stolen Holiday, Marked Woman, Mountain Justice, Kid Galahad, The Perfect Specimen

1938:  Gold Is Where You Find It, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Four’s A Crowd, Four Daughters  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Angels With Dirty Faces (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1939:  Blackwell’s Island, Dodge City, Daughters Courageous, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

1940:  Four Wives, Virginia City, The Sea Hawk

1941:  Santa Fe Trail, The Sea Wolf, Dive Bomber

1942:  Captains of the Clouds, Yankee Doodle Dandy  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Casablanca (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1943:  Mission To Moscow, This Is The Army

1944:  Passage To Marseille, Janie

1945:  Roughly Speaking, Mildred Pierce

1946:  Night and Day

1947:  Life With Father, The Unsuspected

1948:  Romance On The High Seas

1949:  My Dream Is Yours, Flamingo Road

1950:  The Lady Takes a Sailor, Young Man With A Horn, Bright Leaf, The Breaking Point

1951:  Force of Arms, Jim Thorpe All American

1952:  I’ll See You In My Dreams, The Story of Will Rogers

1953:  The Jazz Singer, Trouble Along The Way

1954:  The Boy From Oklahoma, The Egyptian, White Christmas

1955:  We’re No Angels

1956:  The Scarlet Hour, The Vagabond King, The Best Things In Life Are Free

1957:  The Helen Morgan Story

1958:  The Proud Rebel, King Creole

1959:  The Hangman, The Man In The Net

1960:  A Breath of Scandal, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

1961:  Francis of Assisi, The Comancheros


Died:  April 10, 1962, Hollywood, California.