My Old Addiction

Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

Marco Bellocchio

Born:  November 9, 1939, Piacenza, Italy.


1962:  Ginepro Fatto Uomo

1965:  Fists In The Pocket

1967:  China Is Near

1969:  Love and Anger, Il Popolo Calabrese Ha Rialzato La Testa

1971:  In The Name of the Father

1972:  Slap The Monster on Page One

1975:  Fit To Be Untied

1976:  Victory March

1977:  Il Gabbiano

1980:  A Leap In The Dark, Vacation in Val Trebbia

1982:  The Eyes The Mouth

1984:  Henry IV

1986:  Devil in The Flesh

1988:  The Witches’ Sabbath

1991:  The Conviction

1994:  Il Sogno Della Farfalla

1997:  The Prince of Homburg

1999:  The Nanny

2002:  My Mother’s Smile, Addio Del Passato

2003:  Good Morning Night

2006:  The Wedding Director, Sorelle

2009:  Vincere

2010;  Sorelle Mai

2012:  Dormant Beauty

2015:  Blood of My Blood

2016:  Sweet Dreams