My Old Addiction

Marcel Carne

marcel-carneBorn:  August 18, 1906, Paris, France


1936:  Jenny

1937:  Bizarre, Bizarre

1938:  Le Quai des Brumes, Hotel Du Nord

1939:  Le Jour Se Leve

1942:  Les Visiteurs du Soir

1945:  Les Enfants Du Paradis

1946:  Gates of the Night

1947:  La fleur de L’Age

1950:  La Marie du Port

1951:  Juliette Or Key Of Dreams

1953:  The Adultress

1954:  Air Of Paris

1956:  The Country I Come From

1958:  Youthful Sinners

1960:  Wasteland

1963:  Chicken Feed For Little Birds

1965:  Three Rooms In Manhattan

1968:  Young Wolves

1971:  Law Breakers

1974:  The Marvelous Visit

1977:  The Bible


Died:  October 31, 1996, Clamart, France

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