Luis Buñuel

Born:  February 22, 1900, Calanda, Spain.


1930:  L’Age D’Or

1936:  Quien Me Quiere A Mi

1937:  Centinela Alerta

1947:  Gran Casino

1949:  The Great Madcap

1950:  Los Olvidados

1951:  Susana, Daughter of Deceit

1952:  Mexican Bus Ride, A Woman Without Love

1953:  El Bruto, El

1954:  Illusion Travels By Streetcar, Wuthering Heights, Robinson Crusoe, The River and Death

1955:  The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

1956:  This Is The Dawn, Death in The Garden

1959:  Nazarin, Fever Mounts At El Pao

1960:  The Young One

1961:  Viridiana

1962:  The Exterminating Angel

1964:  Diary of a Chambermaid

1965:  Simon of the Desert

1967:  Belle de Jour

1969:  The Milky Way

1970:  Tristana  (Oscar Nomination: Best Foreign Language Film)

1972:  The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie  (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Language Film; Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1974:  The Phantom of Liberty

1977:  That Obscure Object of Desire  (Oscar Nominations: Best Foreign Language Film; Best Screenplay)


Died:  July 29, 1983, Mexico City, Mexico.