Louis Malle

Born:  October 30, 1932, Thumeries, France


1956:  The Silent World

1958:  Elevator To The Gallows, The Lovers

1960:  Zazie Dans Le Metro

1962:  A Very Private Affair

1963:  The Fire Within

1965:  Viva Maria!

1967:  The Thief of Paris

1968:  Spirits of the Dead

1969:  Calcutta

1971:  Murmur of the Heart  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1974:  Lacombe, Lucien (Oscar Nomination: Best Foreign Language Film), A Human Condition, Place de la Republique

1975:  Black Moon

1978:  Pretty Baby

1980:  Atlantic City  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1981:  My Dinner With Andre

1984:  Crackers

1985:  Alamo Bay

1987:  Au Revoir Les Enfants  (Oscar Nominations: Best Screenplay, Best Foreign Language Film)

1990:  May Fools

1992:  Damage

1994:  Vanya On 42nd Street


Died:  November 23, 1995, Beverly Hills, California.