Lewis Milestone

Born:  September 30, 1895, Kishinev, Russian Empire (now Moldova)


1919:  Fit To Win

1925:  Seven Sinners

1926:  The Caveman, The New Klondike, Fine Manners

1927:  The Kid Brother, Two Arabian Knights (Oscar Winner: Best Comedic Direction)

1928:  The Garden of Eden, Tempest, The Racket

1929:  Betrayal, New York Nights

1930:  All Quiet On The Western Front  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1931:  The Front Page  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1932:  Rain

1933:  Hallelujah I’m A Tramp

1934:  The Captain Hates The Sea

1935:  Paris In Spring

1936:  Anything Goes, The General Died At Dawn

1938:  The Young In Heart

1939:  The Night of Nights, Of Mice And Men

1940:  Lucky Partners

1941:  My Life With Caroline

1943:  Edge of Darkness, The North Star

1944:  The Purple Heart, Guest In The House

1945:  A Walk In The Sun

1946:  The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

1948:  Arch of Triumph, No Minor Vices

1949:  The Red Pony

1951:  Halls of Montezuma

1952:  Kangaroo, Les Miserables

1953:  Melba

1954:  They Who Dare

1955:  La Vedova X

1959:  Pork Chop Hill

1960:  Ocean’s 11

1962:  Mutiny On The Bounty


Died:  September 25, 1980, Los Angeles, California.