Leo McCarey

Born:  October 3, 1896, Los Angeles, California.


1921:  Society Secrets

1929:  Sophomore, Red Hot Rhythm, Freed ’em and Weep

1930:  Wild Company, Let’s Go Native, Part Time Wife

1931:  Indiscreet

1932:  The Kid From Spain

1933:  Duck Soup

1934:  Six of a Kind, Belle of the Nineties

1935:  Ruggles of Red Gap

1936:  The Milky Way

1937:  Make Way For Tomorrow, The Awful Truth  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1939:  Love Affair  (Oscar  Nomination: Best Original Story)

1942:  Once Upon A Honeymoon

1944:  Going My Way  (Oscar Winner: Best Director, Best Original Story)

1945:  The Bells of St. Mary’s  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1948:  Good Sam

1952:  My Son John  (Oscar Nomination: Best Motion Picture Story)

1957:  An Affair To Remember  (Oscar Nomination: Best Original Song)

1958:  Rally Round the Flag Boys

1962:  Satan Never Sleeps


Died:  July 5, 1969, Santa Monica, California.