My Old Addiction

Kon Ichikawa

Born:  November 20, 1915, Mie, Japan


1947:  Toho Sen’ichi-ya

1948:  A Flower Blooms, Sambyakurokujugo Ya-Tokyo-hen, Sambyakurokujugo ya-Osaka-hen

1949:  Passion Without End, Human Patterns, 365 Nights

1950:  Akatsuki No Tsuiseki, Heat and Mud, Ginza Sanshiro

1951:  River Solo Flows, Wedding March, Nusumareta Koi, Koibito, Ieraishan

1952:  Mr. Lucky, Young People, The Woman Who Touched The Legs, This Way That Way, The Man Without A Nationality

1953:  Mr. Pu, The Blue Revolution, Youth of Heiji Senigata, The Lovers

1954:  All of Myself, A Billionaire, Twelve Chapters on Women

1955:  Ghost Story of Youth, The Heart

1956:  The Burmese Harp  (Oscar Nomination: Best Foreign Language Film), Punishment Room, Bridge of Japan

1957:  The Crowded Streetcar, The Men of Tohoku, The Hole

1958:  Conflagration

1959:  Anata to Watashi No Aikotoba: Sayonara Konnichiwa, Odd Obsession, Fires On The Plain, Keisatsu-kan to Boryoku-Dan

1960:  A Woman’s Testament, Bonchi, Younger Brother

1961:  Ten Dark Women

1962:  The Outcast, Being Two Isn’t Easy

1963:  An Actor’s Revenge, Alone On The Pacific, The Money Dance

1965:  Tokyo Olympiad

1966:  Genji Monogatari

1967:  Topo Gigio and the Missile War

1968:  Seishun

1971:  To Love Again

1973:  The Wanderers, Visions of Eight

1975:  I Am A Cat

1976:  Tsuma To Onna No Aida, The Inugami Family

1977:  Akuma No Temari-Uta, The Devil’s Island

1978:  Queen Bee, Firebird: Daybreak Chapter

1979:  The House of Hanging

1980:  Koto

1981:  Lonely Heart

1983:  The Makioka Sisters

1984:  Ohan

1985:  The Burmese Harp

1986:  The Hall of the Crying Deer

1987:  Actress, Princess From The Moon

1988:  Crane

1991:  Noh Mask Murders

1993:  Sono Kido o Tootte, Kaettekite Kogarashi Monjiro

1994:  47 Ronin

1996:  The 8-Tomb Village

2000:  Shinsengumi, Dora-Heita

2001:  Kah-chan

2006:  Ten Nights of Dreams, Inugami-ke No Ichizoku


Died:  February 13, 2008, Tokyo, Japan

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